30 weird and freaky facts about the human body

The human body works in mysterious ways. No doubt there are still things you discover about the body that you may not have previously known.

There are some fascination facts and we have compiled a list of the most interesting ones.

Get ready for some mind blowing stuff. Scroll down and take a look.

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Human teeth are as strong as shark teeth.

Sharks teeth are made from a harder mineral than human teeth, mainly because of the enamel coating which are comparable in both species.

When people blush the lining of their stomach does too.

When we blush our stomach and face become red too because of all the capillaries widen in our body which increase blood flow.

The brain can generates enough electricity to light bulb.

The brain send electrical signals and impulses between the billions of neurons. If you combine them together you actually can power a low-watt bulb.

Having your heart broken actually causes a heart condition.

Broken heart syndrome exists. Emotional stress can cause chest pain and shortness of breath similar to a heart attack which generally resolves itself.

Humans can make almost 7,000 facial expressions.

Our expressions are easier to notice in comparison to our ancestors as we have more facial muscles and less hair.

While drifting off to sleep some people hear the sound of a bomb going off.

This unusual experience which occurs when waking up or going to sleep is called exploding head syndrome. It sounds like a loud gunshot or explosion.

Human hair is practically indestructible.

Hair decays at an extremely slow rate and is resistant to various types of chemicals and acids.

A syndrome where a person becomes obsessed with fine dining.

Gourmand Syndrome happens due to an injury of the right anterior cerebral hemisphere of the brain. A person will have preference for eating and thinking about fine foods.

Stomach acid can burn a hole in your skin.

Acidity levels in the stomach can vary. This hydrochloric acid produced can even get through a piece of wood.

Putting your thumb up to your mouth and blowing reduces stress.

Blowing on your thumb calms your pulse causing your body to feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Mouth Bacteria.

Bacteria thrives in warm moist environments, so billions of them can be found inside your mouth. Thats why oral health is so important.

Babies have more bones in their bodies than adults do.

We are born with 300 bones which fuse together slowly over time, eventually we end up with 212 bones in total.

Your blood vessels could circle the world more than twice.

There are many arteries, veins, and capillaries, within the body dispersed through every inch of your limbs. Lined up they would stretch to 100 thousand miles.

A human eye has a resolution of 500 megapixels.

The eye is superior with its field of vision spanning 180 degrees. Only a very high definition camera would match this.

There is ten times more bacteria in the body than human cells.

The body contains more bacteria than actual cells which can have a serious effect on your health.

Your skin is 16% of your body weight.

Each adult has 20lbs of skin on their body which would cover an area of about 22 square feet.

Mites live on your eyelashes.

Dermodex are a species of mites which inhibit hair follicles and are also known to cause various skin disorders.

The human skeleton regenerates itself every decade.

Bones are constantly regenerating, this process never stops, but it does slow down as we get older.

A heart can squirt blood up to thirty feet.

A heart is very strong, it pumps around 2000 gallons of blood every day.

Even when awake our eyes are closed a tenth of the time.

This is mainly die to the amount times we blink as the average person blinks around 15 to 20 times per minute.

The heart can continue to beat once removed from the body.

Doctors keep a heart beating while they transport it to the receiving patient for a transplant.

Our kidney’s filter our blood at least 25 times per day.

Most bodies contain seven or eight liters in total. The kidney keeps our body healthy by filtrating the blood.

The pink in the corner of your eye is related to species of birds and reptiles.

This used to serve as an inner eyelid similar to birds and reptiles but it has changed with evolution over millions of years.

When you go to bed at night you are shorter.

When you wake in the morning you are at your tallest. As the day goes by your spine compresses the cushioning between your discs making you shorter.

The liver can regenerate to its full size even if 75% is removed.

Your liver can survive even if the majority of it is removed as it is the only organ in the body which can regenerate.

After age 30, you lose a half an inch in height every ten years.

Discs between the vertebrae begin to flatten over time which causes you to shrink.

A human heartbeat synchronizes with music.

Depending on music you are listening to your heart beat can speed up or slow down. Songs containing crescendos can cause cardiovascular blood vessels to constrict.

By 60 you only have 505 of your taste buds.

We are all born with at least 10,000 taste buds which change every ten days.

Once you die your digestive enzymes also digest your body.

The microbial organisms can feed on the fluids produced during autolysis which is a natural process that occurs once you pass away.

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