30 Times Cops Showed People They Have The Best Sense Of Humor

Lately there has been tension between police officers and civilians due to lack of trust. Many issues need to be resolved in order to rebuild that trust.

However there are police officers that serve their communities well. Police departments are running social media campaigns to show they are normal just like us.

Police officers certainly have their share of funny incidents from funny jokes about the donut-based stereotypes to chasing naked people through the streets, so you need a sense of humor to do it.

We have compiled some of the funniest incidents, take a look below at the ultimate police jokes:

#1 Protestors Cancel Due To Snow But Riot Police Are Already Geared Up

The protest was canceled due to snow however they still managed to have some fun.

#2 Local Police Officer Suggested Taking This Photo To Prank Parents.

College student ran pranks his parents by taking a picture pretending his was arrested. 

#3 Police Dept Found My Iguana That Escaped So I Had To Collect From Jail

Thankfully they didn’t have to pay any bail charges.

#4 Puppy Academy.

Newest officer in training.

#5 ‘Rather Large’

#6 Police In Montreal Are Refusing To Wear Their Work Pants As A Part Of A Labor Dispute

Montreal police officers express their feelings as they refused to wear their uniform pant.

#7 International Star Wars Day.

4-year-old star wars fan traps two police officers with his Force.

#8 Dodgy Jokes

It’s a good things dogs can’t use a phone.

#9 Running Into A Trap

IT must be a trap.

#10 Seatbelt Safety

Maybe next time she will belt up.

#11 Aw Look Who Is All Grown Up!

#12 One Way To Source Police Cars

#13 Checkpoint For Suspicious Drivers

#14 Police Joined The Slip N’Slide On The 4th Of July, After Receiving A Call To Shut It Down.

#15 Partners In Crime.

#16 Where Is He Stationed?

#17 The Reykjavik’s Police Department Have An Interesting Instagram.

#18 Faulty Vehicle Log

#19 Pixar Cars

#20 Sniffed It Out In A Meth Lab

#21 Always Watch The Competition.

#22 When Police Are Hired A Police Officer To Supervise Students But End Up Playing Magic The Gathering With The Video Game Club

#23 Police Officer Borrows Sled From Local Kids

#24 Dove Gets Police Protection After Laying Eggs In Their Cruiser

#25 Police Pup To Pro…

#26 Police Cheer People On At A Canadian Half Marathon

#27 Would you Guess The Bride And Groom Are Police Officers

#28 Officer Explains She Loves Putting The Pink Cuffs On The Guys.

#29 University Police Report.

#30 After Graduating From The Academy….

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