30 pictures of customers being awful people & being shamed online for it.

Have you ever worked in customer service? If so you will understand how difficult it can be especially since “the customer is always right.”

It can often be hard to believe that the stories are actually true. Thanks to technology, these are often caught on camera.

Take a look at some customers who are now being shamed online.


Pitiful pennies.

Simply the Worst

Customers assaulted this poor young lady while doing her job!

Wall of Shame

Imagine walking into a gas station and seeing someone you know personally displayed on the window.

Where’s Change.

Like seriously, who does this?


Let’s hope nobody notices this one-star review.

‘Droid for Lyfe!

This guy is pretty insanely upset with Apple products. I mean they already break themselves but I guess he felt that he had to lend them a hand.

super, Super, SUPER

Did you know that if you add the word “super” three times to an apology, it makes the receiver feel so, So, SO much better about being mistreated?

No Kids Allowed

Some people just ruin the fun for everyone.

Bum a Smoke?

I mean… could you not toss out some of the cigarettes? I can hear the whole, “it’s their job” line right now. Just be considerate.

“Hello Kitty”

This woman stole a kitten from a store and walked out like a professional catnapper.


Okay then, I’ll keep that one in mind.

Tip time

This tip is certainly isn’t a nice gesture.

It’s a sign.

Which of these two signs applies to you?

Closing Time… Or?

When we say we close at 3pm. We mean we close at 3pm! Hit the lights. Cue Semisonic.

Jar of Shame!

Beetlejuice won’t go unnoticed.

Tip off.

Now that’s a first.

I’m losing it!

This crazy woman ripped the card machines from their bases at KFC and threw them at the employees.

In a hurry?

Thanks for taking the tie to explain that one…

When You Weren’t Even There…

This woman must be from Vietnam?

I sream, you scream…

Things must be bad when you have to put a security lock on your ice cream products.

Reserved for …..carts?

Dont’ think you are supposed to park the trolleys there?


What is that in her top?

Damaged Goods.

Someone actually returned this piece of fruit because it was too ripe. He did a terrible job trying to put it back together.


Instead of buying a new bra why not replace it with the one you are wearing.

Cafe of Sorrow

This cafe purchased board games for their customers pity they didn’t have respect or manners towards the gesture.

This Stinks!

When you thins its a good idea to leave your child’s dirty diaper on top of their plate, yuck!

Money Heist.

Yeah especially when the money is damp, eww.

Come On…

Who put this on the shelves and what is it?

When You Need Keycaps.

Somebody was obviously missing a few keys.

Starring In Frozen!!

Climbing in ice freezers now….what was the purpose of that?

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