30 Pictures Captured Just Moments Before Tragedy Strikes

We see post-tragedy images of tragic events on a daily basis. However there are often images captured right before a horrific event occurs.

Scroll down to take a look at the images we have compiled of photos taken moments prior to a tragedy.

#1 This image was taken by Robert Landsberg when Mt. St. Helen’s erupted. His body protected the film which captured this wall of ash.

#2 Crew Of Space Shuttle Challenger Board The Challenger Which Killed All Seven Crew Members Only Seconds After Take Off.

#3 This picture was in 1976 just before the nurse passed away following an outbreak of Ebola.

#4 The Red Car below contained a bomb which killed 29 people in the Omagh bombing the photographer did not survive.

#5 You might recall Keith Sapsford, the fourteen year old boy who hid in the wheel of a flight leaving Sydney. Photographer John Gilspin, captured the plunge.

#6 William “Dave” Sanders was shot the chest during the Columbine High school massacre.

#7 Passengers on board Flight 571 before they crashed on the Andes in 1972.

#8 This picture was taken by Dave Hally right before it was shot down by Russia-Led Forces while flying over the Ukraine.

#9 A dash cam captured this flight crashing in the Keelung river In Taiwan. where only 15 people survived.

#10 Gilles Leclerc & Marianne Labanane snapped this picture while at the Bataclan Theatre right before gunmen shot at the crowd. Marianne survived the attack.

#11 Stunt man Robert Overcracker, died when his parachute failed to open while jet skiing over Niagara Falls.

#12  Picture was taken at the Cincinatti zoo in 2016, moments before this child fell in the Gorilla’s enclosure.

#13 West Milford was hiking in New Jersey and managed to take this photo before this bear turned on him.

#14 Nicholas Mevoli passed out after his last free dive and died from pulmonary edema later that day after passing out.

#15 This image was taken right before 20-Year-Old student wearing a red top jumped over the railings at Niagara Falls.

#16 Archduke Ferdinand And His Wife Sophie an hour before they were shot.

#17 In 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 tumbled to the ground after crashing into a cessna plane.

#18 This picture was found on board Japan Airlines Flight 123 following a crash where only four passengers survived.

#19 The last picture of Christopher McCandless’es taken before his body was discovered in 1992 by moose hunters.

#20 Pavel Kashin Performing attempting a back-flip lost his balance and fell to his demise.

#21 The legendary James Dean fuelling up one last time before he crashed.

#22 Possibly the last photo taken of The Titanic prior to it sinking after it’s collision with an iceberg.

#23 The Concorde engines caught on fire before it crashed into a hotel nearby.

#24 Diana Princess Of Wales in the backseat on the night before her tragic car crash.

#25 George Mallory And Sandy Irvine taken in 1924 before they started their ascent to the top of Mt. Everest.

#26 Paul Walker getting into the car that crashed which sadly cost his life.

#27 Great White band at Station nightclub in Rhode Island, right before a fire broke out taking many lives that night.

#28 R. Budd Dwyer took his life in front of millions of viewers during a televised trial.

#29 Image of Joseph Avery’s boat before it turned over in the Niagara River.

#30 This image of Patrick Swayze was taken not long before he passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 57.

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