30 people who found genius ways to fix broken things

Many of you might be tempted throw away things as soon as they break or have served their purpose. 

However with a little bit of inspiration and some clever ideas most broken things can be repaired or look even better. The creative lists are endless.

Take a look at some of the best examples of these genius DIY projects 

#1 Patch Up Your Jeans.

#2 Pimp Your iPhone Back Using Highlighter.

#3 Fix Ruined Heels With Glitter

#4 Creative Kid Draws On Wall, More Creative Mom Fixes It

#5 Fix Broken Mug With Polymer Clay Design

#6 My Boyfriend Fell Down Our Stairs On Thanksgiving Day So We Got Creative

#7 Couch Repair With Lace

#8 Looks Better Like This After Water Damage.

#9 Lego Pieces Are Used To Repair And Fill Holes In Broken Walls

#10 Artist Repairs Broken Wood Furniture With Translucent Materials

#11 Fill Wall Cracks With Crystallized Geode Installations

#12 Turned A Cracked Wall Into Camels Journey Through The Desert

#13 Flower Pots Turned Into Diy Fairy Gardens

#14 Russian Urban Interventionist Andrey Syaylev Fixed Library Walls With Old Books

#15 Creative Car Owner

#16 Chicago Fixes Potholes With Ice Cream Mosaic Art

#17 Repaired Sidewalks With Patters

#18 Hey Johnny Fixes Cracked Doors

#19 Man Fixed Car In Most Creative Way

#20 Don’t Lego Of The Graphics Card.

#21 Birdbath Repairs With Recycled DVDs

#22 Repair Broken Vase By Sewing Them With Gold Thread

#23 Improvise

#24 Repairing Chairs With Tightened Belts

#25 Fixing A Cracked Mirror

#26 Cover Cat Scratches With Flea Market Doilies

#27 Fix Moth Holes With Patches

#28 Ancient Japanese Technique

#29 Hole In The Wall

#30 Toms Custom Repair Design

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