30 Incredible Before & After Rescue Dog Transformations Show What Love Can Do

Abandoned animals who are rescued can still have their lives turned around. The sight of these poor stray dogs in their condition speak volumes however some stories have happy endings which helps us keep faith in humanity.

Scroll down to these before and after images of rescue dogs who got got a second chance.

#1 What Incredible Transformation After 7 Weeks Of Treatment.

#2 This Puppy Who Suffered Burns To 75% Of His Body Was Adopted By A Firefighter And Became One Too

#3 Coconut Three Months After He Looks Like This

#4 Our Rescued Dog Augustus Full Of Scabby Mange Before And Now

#5 What A Transformation.

#6 Tied Up Outside Store, Abandoned, Suffering From Severe Mange And An Eye Infection, This Pitbull Is Unrecognizable Now

#7 Miley Was Found Living In A Trash Pile, Severely Injured And Barely Able To Walk. Now She Is Happy Living In A New Home

#8 How Our Rescue Dog Looks After 2 1/2 Months

#9 This Guy Before And After Rescue

#10 This Poor Guy Was Found In The Streets Of Montreal Looking, But Look How Charming He Seems After His Cleanup

#11 Kelsey Was Found Infested With Parasites And Starving, A Kind Stranger Convinced Kelsey To Get Into His Car.

#12 Starving Dog Who Survived By Eating Twigs And Rocks Gets His Happy Ever After

#13 Set On Fire And Used As A Bait Dog As A Young Puppy, Hudson Was Adopted Into A Wonderful Home

#14 This Is Miss Midna Over A 12 Month Period.

#15 Dying Dog Found On Street Suffering From Mange Was Completely Transformed In Two Months

#16 Kenzi’s Transformation Shows What Some Tender Loving Care Can Do

#17 Puppy Fell Into Hot Tar, One Kind-Hearted Person Heard The Dog’s Cry. After Scrubbing The Dog For 3 Hours, The Tar Was Finally Removed

#18 This 2-Year-Old Girl Is Ready For Her New Life To Begin. 2 Pounds Of Mud And Fur Was Shaved Away

#19 Iggy Was Found Barely Alive. People Donated Money To Transport The Guy Into The U.S. And Treat His Injury

#20 Little Betty Was Abandoned By Her Owners. She Is Now Ready For A New Home

#21 Cedar Was Found Hairless With Bones Poking Through His Skin. He Has Found A Great Home With Good Care

#22 My Dog’s Vet Rescued A Severely Neglected Dog Named Max. This Is How He Looks Before And After Rescue

#23 What A Lot Of Love Can Do

#24 Abandoned Puppy Was Saved By The Good Care Of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital

#25 Gage Is The Best Dog A Guy Could Ask For Today

#26 A Passing Motorist Found Her

#27 She’s So Happy Now

#28 What A Difference A Year Makes

#29 Found Locked Up In A Crate And Gets A Complete Transformation

#30 Shrek Was Barely Moving, Covered In Sores And Fur Caked With Mud. After His Excess Hair Was Removed He Was Discovered To Be A 6-Year-Old Malti-Poo Dog

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