30 hilarious pictures which prove perfect parents don’t exist.

Who ever said parenting was easy. Trust me it’s certainly tough work, but it does have its pros and cons.

Parenthood is an exhausting journey and it often feels like there is no end in sight. Even the most responsible parent can often make a mistake with a funny outcome.

Take a look at the following images we have compiled of funny moments where parents have……well scroll down to see for yourself.

#1: The Things We Do To Get Sleep?

#2: When You Let Your Child Alone With Dad:

#3: That’s Not A Teddy.

#4: I swear we are good parents!

#5: When Your Sons Teacher Brings Your Attention To Santa.

#6: Make Sure The Back Windows Are Up If Throwing Out Seeds.

#7: Dads have a different view on things.

#8: Lego Vision Says It All.

#9: When You Accidentally Capture Something Funny Happening In The Background.

#10: Just In Case I Forget!

#11: When You Take Your Daughter Our For Dinner.

#12: At Least Someone Is Smiling.

#13: Marked For Life.

#14: After Result Of Leaving A Baby Fall Asleep Once You’ve Put Tan On.

#15: First Rule, Never Give Your Kids Markers.

#16: Multi Tasking At It’s Best.

#17: Watch Out For The Toilet Villains.

#18: The Importance Of Skincare Starts At A Young Age.

#19: Kids Will Sleep In The Most Random Places.

#20: One Way To Clean Up A Mess.

#21: Dad Life….

#22: When Mom’s Not Around.

#23: Typical Dad Forgets To Notice His Daughter Isn’t Wearing Any Skirt.

#24: Oh Dear! This one is not for mum’s eyes.

#25: Kids Get Up To All Kinds Of Tricks.

#26: Oooops! Me Trying To Be A Parent.

#27: Parent of the year award goes to these two:

#28: Introducing fathers of a new generation:

#29: Never Leave Your Kids Alone!

#30: Like We Said, Never Leave Them Alone.

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