30 funny security fails we couldn’t make up if we tried

30 funny security fails we couldn’t make up if we tried

Be sure not to follow in the footsteps of these people if safety measures are a priority for you. Despite their best attempts their fails will have you in hysterics laughing.

Some people invent their own protection systems. One funny example, don’t write your code on the door handle and there are many more.

Scroll down below to see some truly epic fails we have compiled.

1. Only Those Who Know The Code Can Enter.

30 funny security fails we couldn’t make up if we tried

Just in case you forget the first time.

2. Wrong Sign?

Hmmmmm I’m not the only one who looks confused.

3. Safety At It’s Best.

Oh please….

4. I’m In Chains.

Get a grip.

5. Your Notes Are Safe.

Just in case the money flies out.

6. Quck Fix.

This should deter people.

7. Clever Kid.

Remember to bolt both drawers.

8. Smoke Alarm??

I hope this doesn’t fall on anyone.

9. Barrier Entrance…..

Just a fun obstacle.

10. Poster Security.

Sleeping On The Job.

11. Designer Lock.

This kid deserves an A for effort.

12. Fort Knox!!


13. Who Needs A Code.

In case you forget.

14. You’ve been warned.

This should do the trick.

15. Old Reliable

Security at it’s finest.

16. Chain Reaction.

I’ve seen it all…..

17. Entry System?

Maybe I’ll just walk straight through then…

18. Did They Forget The Stairs?

Someone give me a ladder please.

19. What Kind Of Car Was This Designed For?

Not a lot of thought put into this garage design.

20. Trying to support without actually doing anything:

It’s not going to hold for much longer.

21. A future warrior is growing up.

These toys didn’t exit in our day.

22. Locked Up.

Will take you a while to open all these locks.

23. Bucket Head

If you forget your protective head gear….

24. Balls Of A Goat.

Gotta love this protective measure.

26. Signs All Over The Place.

Exactly as the sign says!!

27. Staple Statement.

Better heed this warning…..

28. Shift Lock.

This should deter joy riders.

29. Plenty Of Paper

Someone has a fear of running out.

30. Smart Sign

Drivers beware of the following pedestrians.

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