30+ Chilling Last Photos Of History’s Most Famous Icons

Imagine a world without our favourite celebrities. Unfortunately, many have passed in the most unexpected of moments.

These icons only leave us with photographs to remember them by which remind us of their incredible talents

Scroll down to see some of the last known photographs which will give you an idea of what their last few days were like. 

Brittany Murphy At Her Last Red Carpet Event

Brittany Murphy looked frail at her last red carpet appearance. A week later she passed away from pneumonia due to severe anemia and drug intoxication. Murphy was only 32-years-old, and many people were in shock by her sudden death. 

Steve Irwin Before He Goes Diving

Steve Irwin, took this photo moments before he decided to jump in the water to get footage for a project about stingrays. Irwin was stabbed by a stingray barb and died on the way to the hospital. 

Chadwick Boseman Concerns Fans With An Instagram Video

Chadwick Boseman hid his battle with colon cancer, in one of his final Instagram posts people noticed the weight loss. On August 28, 2020, Boseman lost his lengthy battle with cancer. 

Last Fan Photo Of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant his daughter Gianna and six family friends boarded his helicopter for a basketball game at the Mamba Sports Academy. The conditions were foggy, and visibility was low, which caused the aircraft to crash into the side of a mountain. It was completely unexpected, and his death shocked everyone worldwide. 

David Bowie’s Instagram Post To Promote His Album

David Bowie made his last appearance two days before his death from liver cancer which he kept private from the public, which is why everyone was shocked by his death. 

Princess Diana Moments Before Her Car Accident

Princess Diana was driving through a tunnel in Paris to flee the paparazzi, Diana’s car crashed, and she perished along with her driver and friend, Dodi Fayed.

Dale Earnhardt Prepping For His Final Race

Dale Earnhardt is pictured here with his family before which would be his last race. Earnhardt’s car was swiped by another vehicle, and he was propelled into the wall. 

Alan Rickman Going To His Last Few Events

Alan Rickman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after suffering from a minor stroke. In January 2016, Rickman passed away in London.

Carrie Fisher Seen For The Last Time

Carrie Fisher posted a photo to Twitter outside the airport before she boarded a flight to LA from London. Fisher suffered a heart attack in the air and she sadly passed away at the hospital after the plane made an emergency landing. 

Naya Rivera’s Final Selfie

Naya Rivera posted a sweet photo with her son, captioned, “Just the two of us” on the day of her disappearance. Hours later, her son was found on a boat by himself, and she was nowhere to be found. Her body was was found five days later on August 13, 2020. The investigation found that she used her last bit of strength to put her son back on the boat before she was swept under. 

Amy Winehouse Breaks Down On Stage At Her Last Performance

Amy Winehouse abused alcohol and drugs during her short life to deal with her emotional pain. At her last performance in Belgrade a few days before her death, the singer appeared to breakdown on stage, which broke the hearts of everyone at her concert. 

James Dean’s Last Drive

James Dean was on route to a racing event in California when they hit another car. Dean passed away in the crash, and curiously, someone predicted his death a week before it happened. Dean showed off his speedster to British actor Alec Guinness, who said, “If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week.”

Kelly Preston With Her Husband

Kelly Preston battled privately with breast cancer, until she passed away on July 12, 2020 because of the disease. 

Whitney Houston’s Last Night Out

Whitney Houston’s struggled in her personal life with partying and drugs. In 2012 pre-Grammy Awards party, Houston was last seen leaving the Beverly Hilton Hotel after a rehearsal. The paparazzi photos from that night painted a troubling picture of her substance abuse. On the day Houston was supposed to perform, she passed away. 

John Candy On Set

John Candy struggled with his weight and died from a heart attack. Since he had two projects in the works at the time of his death, they were released as a dedication to his memory. 

Chester Bennington With His Wife And Children

Chester Bennington was struggling with his mental health and took his own life. 

Robin Williams’ Last Instagram Post

Robin Williams struggled with mental health issues. In August 2014, the world was shocked to discover that Williams took his life.

Anton Yelchin Just Days Before His Freak Accident

Anton Yelchin posted his final photo just three days before his death, no one expected his sudden passing. The actor was in a tragic car accident near his LA home.

Aretha Franklin Takes The Stage One Last Time Singing Her Top Hits

One of Aretha Franklin’s final performances before she passed away was at Elton John’s fundraising gala in November 2017.

Elvis Presley Belts It Out Till The End

Elvis Presley turned to drugs to cope with his troubles after splitting with Priscilla. Presley was found dead in his home in 1977.

Michael Jackson Impresses Fans One Last Time

Michael Jackson was rehearsing for a concert two days before the Staples Center. Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, and the world mourned the pop culture icon, and all that he had contributed to the world of music and performance. 

Philip Seymour Hoffman Attending A Film Festival

Phillip Seymour Hoffman struggled with a heroin addiction throughout his career, and just two weeks after this photo, he overdosed. 

Muhammad Ali Facetimes His Daughter In His Final Days

Cassius Marcellus Clay, otherwise known as Muhammad Ali, video chatted with his daughter Hana a few days prior to his passing. She shared this screen-shot of their conversation and said he was an inspiration to her until his final days. 

Heath Ledger Is Seen On Set For The Last Time

Heath Ledger had sleeping issues after he isolated himself in a hotel for a month for the role he struggled to get out of a character’s headspace while he was filming his last movie.

John Lennon Memorial Stories

John Lennon last studio album he recorded was “Walls and Bridges,” while in New York recording the album when he was shot by Mark Chapman, who asked him to autograph an album. 

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