29 of the Most Horrifyingly Hilarious Snapchat Fails of All Time

There are so many tools for people to connect with each other these days. In comparison to previous time photos are so much easier to capture and share. This allows us to keep in touch no matter regardless of your location.

We have compiled a number of images which were shared via Snapchat that look absolutely hilarious. The majority of them are filter failures and we thought they were worth sharing.

Face Mask?

Not sure happened here, but it sure looks confusing.

Well okay then…..

I think this was meant to be the other way around.

Oh ohhhhh.

No caption required.


Totally confused now.

What happened here…


When you look like a wall flower.

Fist face.

Look at the fist below.


Where’s her face gone?

Just No!

Which is scarier, his nose or the baby’s face?

Howdy, folks!

Shady looking character.


Father of the year.


Too funny!

Drunken filters.

Not what he had hoped for.

Another baby face swap.

What filter was used here?


Female felines…

Birds of a feather….

…stick together!

This is a classy one!

When you are a cool dad.

Not sure about this one.

Is anyone safe?

This is funnier than the one intended would have turned out.

What a nightmare.

Thats it no more Snapchat.

Thanks sis!

when your sister is a gremlin.

I need to stop looking at these.

I’m laughing on the inside.


Not sure what to say…

Okay then…

Not sure what happened here either.

I wonder??

I always wanted to be a superhero.

I love this one.

Made me laugh so much.

How DO some people look like their pets?

Time to revert back.



Three thumbs up!

Ten out of ten for this one.

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