25 People who will be lucky, but not today.

Some people just seem to have all the luck in the world, and others who appear to have absolutely none.

Unfortunate adventures often have unfavourable results which leave us with hilarious stories to share. The only way through these situations is the stay positive and find the humor from it.

We have compiled images of terribly unlucky but funny situations people have found themselves in.

When you realize you hired the wrong landscaper.

Getting Chased At The Zoo.

Think We Have A Problem Here.

My Eyelashes!!

Feeling Drained.

Looks Like This Phone Is Cooked.

The Moment You Realise That Your Shoes Are Odd.

When You Let Your Car Run To Heat It Up.

When Your Mobile Auto Types Blind Instead Of Blonde.

No Hole?

Seems Like They Ran Out Of Pepperoni.

When You Get Two For The Price Of One.

Bad Start To The Day.

I’m Sure There’s A Good Explanation.

Don’t Let Go!!

Deliver To Your Front Door….Literally.

Make Sure Not To Fall If He Jumps.

Seems animals don’t particularly like her…

Wasn’t expecting that I bet.

Adrenaline rush:

One way to notify the waiter…

Don’t think cars can fly just yet.

This woman needs some after sun.

At least, they admitted it.

When You Use Coloured Bath Salts.

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