25 People Who Just Don’t Care!

While people walk the streets you may often wonder what is going through their minds.

Some won’t really care much about your thoughts as they are proud of who they are. This would explain why you might spot random things about people on occasion which will make you look twice.

We have compiled some of the best photos of people who really just couldn’t give a damn. Scroll down to see.

Use The Other One

This lady used the wrong belt after a hard struggle to get on with all her luggage.

Who Loves Kitty?

Hello Kitty isn’t just for little girls anymore, whatever floats your boat.

This Guy Is Amazing

Just an average guy wearing his footie pyjamas to Starbucks.

Too Drunk To Notice.

When you get drunk in the forest and your use seat as a fire.

Bring Your Own

Who needs a seat when you can bring your own.

How To Glamp

This genius built a hammock raft to bring camping with him.

She Was Tired

Is she even human or a contortionist?

Rules are only for some.

There’s a reason why malls have strict rules for kids like this.

That One Guy

Lets hope it doesn’t break suddenly and he pulls that handle.

In America

This cop hands the gun and baton to the guy while his car is being searched.

Best Time To Mow The Yard

Mowing is certainly strange time of year especially if there’s snow.


Shoppers always seem more inclined not to take from the top.

Escape The Popo

This drunken girl got stuck in this fence as she was being chased by a policeman.

The Rare Zebrataur

Now this is rare sight of a zebrataur in his natural habitat.

Cool Cats.

When you buy matching glasses for your cat.

Street Market

This guy sold watermelons that he stacked on his head.

Leaf Blower?

This guy vacuumed his whole yard, that required a lot of patience.

Smart or Silly?

Now there’s a clever idea!

Speedy Gonzalez

Spotted in New Orleans going down the highway with their scooter.

What A Rebel

This guy looks happy despite the notice.

Too Hot In Work?

Surely there’s a dress code for employees?

Work Around Things.

How did this happen? Yet another picture we wont ever really understand.

When In Paris

Try to make sure your t-shirt corresponds with your location.

Dignity out the window.

Some people will just take the subway practically without taking anybody else into consideration.

Blurred Lines?

Those perfect lines are there for a reason, obviously…

No Pasta?

This guy is eating cereal out of a pasta bowl, thats just wrong.

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