24 Life Tips That Will Make Your Day A Whole Lot Easier, #15 Had Me In Tears

A new trend is sweeping over the internet. Most life hacks are very useful and really cool. These life hacks are not People are sharing very non useful life hacks for every day use. Some of them might actually help you but the majority of them are just plain funny.

We have created a list of the top 24 life hacks that will help you in no way possible. They are sure to make you laugh though.

If you enjoy the list then please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

1 – “yall tired of boiling water every time you make pasta? boil a few gallons at the beginning of the week and freeze it for later.”

2 – Don’t throw out doll heads you can turn them into handy night lights for your children.

3 – “Eggs are really healthy and should be the foundation of your diet”

4 – If you sleep till noon you only have to pay for 2 meals instead of 3

5- Batteries dead in your smoke alarm? Just use popcorn as a smoke alarm. When you hear crackling, grab your popcorn and get the fuck out!

6 – Use Your Cat To Clean Your Floors And Save On Expensive Store-Bought Cleaners

7 – When you put too much water in your rice just use your phone to soak up the excess water

8 – Stop Tears In The Kitchen With This Life Hack

9 – Use A Snake To Hold Your Pasta Easily

10 – Put A Bean Filled Glove On Your Baby’s Back When You Want Your Kids To Feel Loved, But You’re Too Tired

11 – Use Laptop Chargers To Heat Snacks Up ( We do not recommend doing this its a joke!)

12 – If Your Car Is Making An Unsettling Noise, Just Turn Your Radio Up Until It Disappears

13 – Put Your New TV Box By Your Neighbor’s Trash So You Won’t Get Robbed

14 – Don’t Buy New Socks. Use A Permanent Marker Instead

15 – Keep Cake Moist By Eating It All In One Sitting

16 – Use This Vest Protect Your Personal Space On The Subway

17 – If You Stir Coconut Oil Into Your Kale It Makes It Easier To Scrape Into The Trash

18 – Cut Your Tennis Balls In Half To Store Two More Balls In Each Can, Saving Space

19 – Use A Toilet Seat To Put Your Plate On While Watching TV

20 – Only use this hack if deaf people are in the room.

21 – Replace A Broken Ring Of The Shower Curtain With This Easy Hack

22 – Use A Shopping Cart As A Shelf If You Have No Money For The Furnishings

23 – Use A Shopping Cart As A Backyard Grill

24 – Eat For Free For The Rest Of Your Life

Please feel free to SHARE this list with friends and family. Do you have any funny life hack tips? Let us know in the comment section below.

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