22 Year Old Carer Who Believed She Was 8 Months Pregnant Discovers She Was Only 6 Weeks Gone And The Huge Bump Was A CYST That Killed Her Baby

A beautiful young carer who believed she was eight months pregnant tragically discovered her huge baby bump was in fact a monster 30cm Cyst. That eventually caused her to lose the her baby.

Kirsty Butler 22 and her partner Celern 21 were delighted to discover she was pregnant after taking a home pregnancy test after friends and family repeatedly told her she looked pregnant.

Doctors then informed Kirsty that she was approximately 30 weeks gone given the size of her stomach that grew to four times it’s normal size.

It was later revealed that Kirsty was actually only 6 weeks gone after a routine Ultrasound was performed and the “Baby Bump” was in fact a huge cyst that had formed and was damaging her womb.

Her baby’s life was now in jeopardy and she was devastated to be informed she now needed potentially life saving surgery.

Her Doctor’s battled for hours to try and save her unborn child but tragically Kirsty suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby.

The couple were completely heartbroken but she also realises that she is lucky to be alive as she was also at risk from the major Cyst located on her Ovaries. If it was left just a few weeks longer it could have begun to crush her organs.

Kirsty and Celern hope to have a family soon and are already trying for a new baby. Tests have revealed she will be able to conceive again.

“I’ll be very careful next time and check if my stomach starts to grow to swell” Kirsty said.

We wish them both all the best for the future.


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