22 hilarious struggles only parents will understand. The #4 is so true…

It may sound like fun being a parent at times, but believe me it can also be a big struggle. All the joy a child can bring you can easily be overshadowed by the randomness of what the can pull off on a day to day basis.

If you have kids then you probably know what I am on about. From wiping toothpaste on the mirror to putting cheese inside in the washing machine. We have gathered a list of 21 struggles that only parents will understand.

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1 – They never stop surprising you at the moments you never expect it.

2 – They are the most creative artist you have ever seen. Abstract would be the word here.

3 – They know how to flood the bathroom in more than one way.

4 – They eat with every part of their body. Face,hands,legs and much more!

5 – They know how to draw on the wall but they don’t know how difficult it is to clean it off! Time to ring a painter

6 – But why bother ringing the painters when you already have one!

7 – The most creative make-up artists..

8 – They are even better hairdressers.

9 – When they make a mess….they really know how to make a mess…

( Walk’s into room and see’s child… Slowly walks back to kitchen. Say’s nothing to husband.One minute later. ” Honey I need to go to the shop for milk. Can you go and make sure Charlie is ok ” Leave house and spend 45 minutes getting milk )

10 – Everything seems to taste good!

11 – They find themselves in the most awkward positions sometimes..

12 – But they won’t be able to help you when you are in that situation..

13 – Butter and Jam are bad enough but try getting this sticky stuff off. Might as well add some Jelly and eat him.

14 – When they manage to get hold of the bubble bath…

15 – All the kids don’t always get on..

16 – When they get older they get a little wiser and the situation ends up looking like this.

17 – Ah the good old toothpaste treatment.

18 – If you have just put new clothes on your baby then this is your worst nightmare.

19 – If you are just about to go out then this too is your worst nightmare..

20 – They think everything is a toy. $600 down the drain..

21 – But you have to love them at the end of the day!

and finally…

Lets go on a family trip without bringing a spare change of clothes..

I think every parent in the world knows about this nightmare. I can almost get that smell from looking at the picture!

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