21 Signs It’s Lust, Not Love

Let’s speak about the difference between love and lust. Do they ignite fire in you or keep you up at nigh? Is it love or lust?

Theres nothing wrong with a relationship based on lust once you know what you are getting into. It’s all a part of being human but don’t fool yourself.

We have compiled 21 signs that determine if you are in lust or in love.

1. You’re dressed to impress

You are always looking at your best with them you take particular care in your appearance when you meet them.

If a relationship is more than superficial, you and your partner won’t care if you aren’t perfect because your relationship is more than that.

2. Meaningful conversations

You feel comfortable with your partner when in love unlike lust where meaningful conversations are lacking. Conversations about up your problems, your hopes, your dreams, and your life, in general, would generally be missing from your discussions.

3. They look like sin

In a relationship based on lust alone and you cannot stop thinking of their looks and believe them to be perfect when the reality is that they are far from it. However when in love, you see past a person’s imperfections.

4. Your time is spent tumbling

If you spend all your time having sex it shouldn’t be the only way to express your emotions with each toher.

5. Not connected on an emotional level

Silences are awkward, if your communication is based solely on sex and which bit you enjoyed most should be a neon sign screaming it’s pure lust.

6. Your memories are associated with the bedroom alone

When you think of the moments you’ve spent together and your thoughts are instantly routed towards all the titillating moments you spent in each other’s company…then those memories alone stand out in your mind each time you think of him/her.

7. No plans for the future

If you’ve imagined marriage, children, or vacations together you can be assured this is more than just pure lust. However if the future hasn’t crossed your mine then the nature of your relationship is doomed.

8. Hardly go out on real dates

When the pair of you are just lust buddies rather than love buddies you tend not to go out on real dates which important in a real relationship. This allows you to become closer in a more intimate capacity.

9. No personal investments in one another

Neither of you really have any real personal investments in one another. You don’t try to get to know one another in a deep and intimate way. You don’t ask each other questions, and you don’t try to do any investigative work. It’s mostly just casual interactions and shallow connections between the two of you. A failure to get deep with one another on an emotional level is a real sign of a lack of love in a relationship.

10. You don’t mix your social circles

You make no efforts with your social circles. When you don’t make an effort it’s a big issue

11. Never say the “L” word

You avoid saying the “L” word. If you are holding you back from saying the word “love,” you know something is amiss between the two of you.

12. Thinking about one another in a dirty fashion

If you ever think about one another, it’s always in a dirty fashion, focusing merely on all of the physical aspects but not on the emotional side of a person.

13. No pressure to get to know the other

If don’t really feel compelled to know each another better then you are happy maintaining an emotional distance between you. This won’t really bother or concern either of you at all.

14. Too forgiving and lenient with one another

It’s normal for couples to become upset, it can be very easy to just forgive a person’s mistakes. If you don’t really love someone in an intimately you don’t hold that person in high regard.

15. Neither of you stays conscious about how you act around each other

Ideally, you always want to make sure that you are acting your best whenever you are around them. If you don’t want them to see you in the best light, then you probably don’t care what they think about you.

16. Not talking isn’t really an issue

If there is lack of communication theres a problem. Perhaps it’s indicative of just how little you value personal connection with one another.

17. Intimacy limited to the bedroom

Intimacy is found in all types of relationships. Intimacy is spending lots of time alone with each other. If its just limited to sexual activities, then it’s an issue.

18. Not caring about your problems

You don’t act like genuine partners because neither of you concern yourself with each other’s worries or problems. You do your own thing and really only connect when in the bedroom.

19. You don’t really rely on one another for anything

Neither of you count on each other, you have no intention of seriously committing yourselves as you treat it more like a casual arrangement.

20. Keeping secrets from each other

You don’t mind hiding things from one another or feel the need to communicate things in the relationship. This is an emotional gap between the both of you.

21 Lack of jealousy

If you don’t feel a touch of jealousy with one another it indicates there is a lack of emotional attachment.

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