21 Instances of Celebrities Failing so Hard That You Will Instantly Feel Better About Yourself

Celebrities are often predicted as great people who aren’t affected by anything we have to experience in life.

Thankfully cameras exist. Being famous often means you have to be on guard constantly in case you are caught doing something unruly.

Those images are then shared with the whole world. Luckily we have compiled a list of the best superstar fails.

1: Adele Dazeem

John Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name is the best celebs fails of all time.

2: Brief Shorts

Legs out…..

3: Humorous Face

Clooney looks good even when he is making faces.

4: Wardrobe Malfunction

She can’t find her anaconda….

5: Very Niiiiice

John Mayer is luminous.

6: BoNO

Bono hides behind these glasses to hide his haircut embarrasment.

7: The ’90s

Your typical single photo for the 90’s

8: Rows of Corn

We spoke too soon.

9: You got burned!

Kim Kardashian finally realizes her shades are too big for her face.

10: Flawless

Queen B looks fierce, don’t mess with her.

11: Unruly Fan

A fan was determined to eat her hair, but she was untangled.

12: The Queen

That time she almost fell….

13: Cake Plant

Katy Perry on stage after she fell into a cake.

14: Madonna …

Madonna looks thrilled.

15: Sofa Cruise

Tom Cruise is excited to see Oprah.

16: Ripped a New One

Jonah Hill after losing a ton of weight.

17: Powder me up

Apparently, she didn’t wash off the powder make-up after her shoot.

18: Looks Severe

Anyone remember Russell Model?

19: It’s a Sign!

Kanye West walked straight into a pole, thats gotta hurt!

20: Down you go

What Harry Types falls….

21: What you lookin’ at

In the ’90s Sarah Jessica Parker had some bizarre poses.

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