20+ Perfectly Timed Photos Showing How Hilarious the World Is

Everyone loves to take pictures of people, places or things. Often many perfectly timed photos can be surprising with how they turn out. 

Sometimes it’s just pure luck being in the right place to get that perfect shot. 

Scroll down to take a look at some of these hilarious photos that were perfectly timed.

After the first day of a snack-free diet!

Observing your pets during the day and you will discover that they are the greatest source for funny pictures.

Beware of the Crocs!

This park was created something new out of something old to make it fun and attractive.

Hot beauty!

Let me feed you!

These two became great friends.

Boys will be boys!

Pushing your friend into a lake isn’t a big deal but a great opportunity to take an epic shot.

That’s just nature!

He was probably just interested in all the shiny laces on her colorful dress!

The Flying Dutchman exists and is docked in the USA!

Hey gorgeous!

A mirror test proved that birds can’t recognize themselves in a mirror.

Are you my prince?

Some frogs never miss a chance for a kiss!

The weather forecast mentioned rain, didn’t it?!

Taken after a co-pilot’s first combat mission.

Only for adult fish!

Being creative with a scene from the popular movie Finding Nemo.

Hollow Man wins surfing competition!

This is a perfectly timed photo!

Dogs are a man’s best friend.

Puppy play!!

Doggy Style….

Getting ready for the first day of school be like…

Dude with long hands.

Remember to do a background check before taking a photo.

Scared or little bit surprised!

Throw something unexpected or make a loud and sharp noise and get ready to snap your dogs reaction!


Leave some seeds outside, wait and you might catch a shot of two birds fighting for food.

Gadget neck!

Modern Day Romeo and Juliet

Cats communicate using their strong sense of smell.

Took me a while to realize this geisha wasn’t staring at me!

Did you say cheese?!

A sloth with impressive timing photobombed this group of students.

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