20+ People Miraculously Avoid Huge Disasters

Many of you will have experienced an insect bite or stings which may have resulted in an adverse reaction, perhaps you were chased by a hive of bees or fell into a bush of nettles.

One unlucky girl however had an unpleasant experience.

These are insects know as blowflies which can cause myiasis by laying their eggs directly on the skin.

We have all experienced moments when we sigh a breath of relief as you realise that you have narrowly avoided a major disaster.

Scroll down and check out the images below of other potential disasters.

Bad Bullous Bite

Shark Bite…..Lucky Escape!!

Fat Lip From A Hornet….

As The Saying Goes….Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Well, That Was Close

I Got Lucky That I Noticed Before I Started Brushing

This Guy Had Two Nails From A Nail Gun Hit His Leg, And They Both Missed His Femur And His Kneecap

When You Find A Knife Point In Your Frozen Berries 

Safety Specs Saved This Guy’s Eye From An Exploding Angle Grinder Disc

Great Reaction


Boulder Nearly Takes Out Italian Farm House

There Was A Mud Slide Just North Of My Town And This Caltrans Truck Driver Had A Very Close Call. To The Left Is The Pacific Ocean

I Almost Died Today, And My Mom Got A Perfectly Timed Picture Of My Dad Saving Me

Too Close For Comfort!

Holy Smokes

This Car Owner Is Just Lucky

Close Call

When You Drop Your Phone And It Almost Hits A Land Mine

That Could Have Stung

This Car Would Have Literally Fell On Top Of My Head If I Was A Second Sooner!

Lucky Car

Thank God I Noticed That

Living On The Edge

Phew…..Lost Control Of My Car Yesterday And Slid Off The Road. 

Could Have Been A Whole Different Story If I Parked In That Space

Slippery Slopes….

Very Lucky Monday Morning So Far

Yikes Just About Made It 

Sprint For Your Life…..

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