20 People Caught Faking It On The Internet

The internet can be both a blessing and a curse. We all have access to unlimited information and staying in contact is much easier. However it is also has it’s downside.

People seem to look better or fitter but that isn’t always the case as a lot of effort goes into editing to achieve that perfect image.

Scroll down to take a look at pictures of people caught with their fake editing.

Sim Character?

She looks like a cut out a picture of a character.

Huge Jacket Huge Or Small Head?

Maybe it’s both….

The Perfect Blonde Has Been A Lie

Unrealistic hair goals.

Animated Character

His arm doesn’t even look right.

It Could Have Been A Beautiful Picture

People forget that when they try to take in their waist, the rest of the background moves with it.

Shadows Don’t Lie

Everyone is faking on the internet look at the shadows and her weirdly shaped left foot

Pregnant Model

Poorly photoshop woman in maternity wear.

They Aren’t Even Centered!

Champagne glass weirdly small in his hands?

Balloons Butt

Her butt doesn’t even look like it’s real.

Like That Looks Totally Natural

If you saw this picture on the internet and then met them in real life would you think it’s the same person?

Hotdog Fingers

Knuckles without wrinkles.

Skin Texture

The level of filtering that goes into pictures.

Person A Cartoon?

Was he superimposed into the scene.

Gollum Girl

Filtering gone wrong.

Beauty standards for men.

Setting unrealistic expectations.

Is This A Horror Film?

Radioactive smile.

Way too white!!

Perfectly fitting clothes…

This says it all…..


Don’t trust product reviews online.

Cooking Water….

Check out the crooked cabinets.

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