18+ Most Hilarious Vacation Photo Fails Caught On Camera

What is the point of going on holiday if we can’t brag to all our social media friends….right!!

Well after being in lockdown for so long everyone was eager to go on vacation again, despite looking forward to an enjoyable break we sometimes forget how little mishaps can occur. 

Let’s take a look at these hilarious pictures of other people’s unfortunate holiday snaps.

Don’t fall asleep when the tide is coming in….

Swooping in for a pic…..

Lets hope the dog didn’t grab hold of the wrong ball. 

Any tips how to get out of this situation!!

Or to avoid this one…..

When you resemble the nearby mountain range…..

There is one in every family.

Catch of the day might not be the fish….

Who needs a hotel room??

Be aware of the crocs!!

There is actually a whole gallery in itself of people being photobombed by rays.

Go on the rollercoaster, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Close call….

Dad, get me down from here….

Just as you’re about to make an epic splash into the pool!!

Don’t freak out or you will ruin the picture.

Birds about to get brain freeze….

Thats how a child develops a phobia of the beach.

It’s kind of fun when the animal kingdom gets their own back.

Let us all pray for a miraculous landing.

Eating breakfast outside was a good idea at the time.

Does rental insurance cover giving elephants a lift?

How unlucky this should happen!!

Stuck in the middle with you….

At least the ostrich is smiling for the camera …..

Finally the last one ….don’t lose your head!!

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