17 Times Celebrities Were Caught Out For Their Lies on Social Media

Being as celeb is very demanding when you constantly strive to maintain a professional image and keep up with the latest fashion trends. Celebrities work hard on their personality which they often share with fans on social media. 

A constant nightmare for famous people is the paparazzi who are always trying to capture images of them in a not so positive light. Which certainly makes it interesting when they get called out for their lies. 

We have compiled some of the most outrageous scenarios of celebs getting caught out for their lies. Scroll down to see.

1: Remember Bow Wow who posted about jumping on board a private plane.

He was called out by a Snapchat user for actually flying commercial.

2: Khloe Kardashian posted this picture claiming to make homemade desserts.

Luckily the owner of Sweet Lady Jane bakery, realised they were bought from her store.

3: Rita Ora gets herself out of a situation.

When her retweets didn’t get the desired result she used the classic hacker excuse.

4: Soulja Boy posted a photo of hundred dollar bills. Take a closer look, they are fake!

Perhaps he should have thought about mentioning that important detail.

5: Is Kim is stretching the truth a bit here.

Blaming your toddler…..really Kim?

6: Britney has the tendency to lie on occasion.

A fan discovered that Britney shared a photo she located online.

7: Kris Jenner’s extreme photoshop.

Seriously Kris. Thankfully Ramsey also posted an unedited version.

Keep it real Kris!

8: Bella Thorne caught out!

Bella was actually made of real rabbit and fox fur despite claiming it was fake fur.

9: Bieber’s new jet.

Justin Bieber insinuated he purchased a jet for Christmas, but was revealed he only chartered it.

10: A cereal conspiracy.

Thanks to this follower who noticed a previous post Kylie was caught out with her lie.

11: Oprah shared the news about Microsoft Surface despite tweeting it from her iPad.

12: Kim Kardashian shared this image from her trip to Thailand.

It was later revealed that she found the image on a wallpaper website.

13: P. Diddy posted this awesome picture of an eclipse in 2014.

The image was borrowed from another photographer’s page, Diddy just forgot to give him credit.

14: Selfie Invention

The New York Times still puts her claim to the test.

15: A bizarre beef between Perez Hilton and Will.i.am. Back in 2009, Perez tweeted this.

Will.i.am created a Twitter account to give the real facts.

It all began because Perez claimed he didn’t like the Black Eyed Peas’ record.

16: Snoop Dogg was also scrutinised for posting something similar on Instagram.

The rapper didn’t bother to credit the photo to Younger.

17: Shay Mitchell advertises makeup remover.

Doesn’t look like that cotton pad touched her face.

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