17 Most Bizarre Diseases You Won’t Believe Exist.

There are some strange diseases out there that you won’t believe are actually real. From allergies to horrible smells, or uncontrollable actions: there are all kinds of bizarre illnesses out there. 

While some of them are extremely rare, others can affect thousands or even millions of people around the world.

Scroll down to take a look at some of the strangest diseases.

Fish odour syndrome

Also referred to as trimethylaminuria, can impact personal and professional lives of people as it causes their sweat and urine to smell like rotting fish.

Pseudobulbar affect

PBA is a condition where a person can laugh uncontrollably, sometimes for minutes on end or severe crying for no apparent reason. This neurological condition can sometimes be alleviated by antidepressants.


A condition where people eat foods with no nutritional value such as paper, soap, clothing, hair, wool, chalk, paint, metal, ashes. This condition is often caused by malnutrition or a vitamin or mineral deficiency. 

Moebius syndrome

Moebius syndrome is caused by a malformation of the cranial nerves where people are unable to close or move their eyes, smile or make other facial expressions.

Treeman syndrome

Better known as treeman syndrome or Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia, is a rare form of genodermatosis characterized by the formation of outgrowths, mainly in the hands and feet, that resemble tree bark.

Alien hand syndrome

A person with alien hand syndrome is unable to control one of their hands. Even though it is still attached to their body, this “alien” hand does whatever it wants, as if it belonged to someone else.

Cotard’s syndrome

People with this disorder believe that their organs are rotting or have simply disappeared, some people even believe they are immortal or that they are already dead.

Exploding head syndrome

People with exploding head syndrome (EHS) hear loud noises (blasts, gunshots, screams) as they’re trying to go to sleep. They have trouble sleeping and it can become a significant source of stress.


This condition affects 120 million people worldwide, elephantiasis transforms the lower limbs of those who have the condition into “elephant legs.” In reality, this incapacitating disease is caused by a parasite that causes the legs to swell disproportionately.


People who have this disease are born with six fingers per hand, but some can have more than ten per hand.


Fairly rare in modern times, argyria is caused by prolonged exposure to or ingesting materials that contain silver which can turn people’s skin bluish grey over time.

Cold urticaria

People with cold urticaria must cover themselves well when they go outside in the winter. This rare form of hives manifests as red, itchy welts when the skin is exposed to low temperatures. Some people can even go into shock if they consume cold food or swim in cold water.


People with photophobia can feel like their eyes are burning and may experience headaches, dizziness, and vomiting when the light is too bright. 


This condition causes hair growth, sometimes all over the body, including the face. The disorder is nicknamed werewolf syndrome, as those who have it can sometimes resemble this mythical beast.

Capgras syndrome

People with Capgras syndrome believe that those close to them have been replaced by malicious look-alikes. Also known as imposter syndrome, this psychological condition is more common in people with schizophrenia and dementia.


Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS) is caused by a genetic mutation, this syndrome causes premature ageing in children, who often die by age 12 or 13. They lose their hair and display symptoms usually associated with arthritis.

Auto-brewery syndrome

A condition caused by elevated amounts of yeast in the intestine where a person becomes “drunk” after eating carbohydrate-rich food: this is what people with auto-brewery syndrome have to deal with.

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