16 Times People Wore Outfits That Failed Miserably, #7 Has Me Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Unless you keep your finger on the fashion pulse constantly, it’s difficult to know just what is and what isn’t considered to be “in” at any given time. But no matter how bad your sense of fashion might be, we’re pretty sure we can all agree that the clothes below will NEVER be in style.

1 – A tiny bit tight?

2 – Where is the fancy dress on?

3 – Your hot and your cold…

4 – I really love his torn jeans as his hat!

5 – I guess they are sleeping so pj’s are the right fit!

6 – Elmo or Peppa Pig?

7 – That’s one way of keeping your pants up! LOL

8 – Boys that really don’t care!

9 – Nip slip?

10 – Are they shoes or stilts?

11 – Two men or two women? We can’t tell..

12 – Come on! It’s not a nudist shop!

13 – Socks and sandals never work!

14 – A little bit see through? The other guy looks like he has a full diaper!

15 – Cosplay..

16 – Taking ripped jeans to a new level!

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