16 pictures that will make you lose all faith in humanity

Often times people are completely stupid. You sometimes notice that things are not in the right place or you notice that certain things are not designed correctly.

It’s often hard to believe that people can mess up so bad. But if you look at the photos we have gathered from around the internet you are going to lose all faith in humanity.

After looking through the list of these photos I am actually lost for words?

How could someone mess up number 11 so bad? Was it a joke?

1 – Good luck reversing your car down from up there.

2 – ” I want the pool to be shaped like a pen*s ” said nobody ever..

3 – Council approved the walkway saying ” It was really needed in the location ”

4 – ” You Shalt Not Pass ”

5 – An extension cord that’s shorter than your original cord.

6 – Stairway to nowhere.

7 – Did you spot it? Let us know in the comments if you did.

8 – Emergency exit into the same building.

9 – So…. What exactly are the doors there for if I can still see everything?

10 – Golf balls are pretty hard to find when they are white. Camouflage?

11 – Easy access to a disabled toilet.

12 – So how exactly do I open this press?

13 – ” One second mom I am just going to check who is outside through the peephole in the glass door ”

14 – If you thought parking was hard, try using these spots!

15 – I think the tree’s may be planted in the wrong place.

16 – Stairway to hell.

Just one more!

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