15 things that men pay attention to but you don’t

This might shock you but men are actually more observant than women.

You might not think it but men do notice these little things about you.

It’s not about how good looking you are, there are a many small things he might notice, like an outfit you wore on his birthday.

Your eating habits

Men notice your eating habits and how much you eat, what you eat or the quantity. Women don’t usually eat much on dates but he admires it when you have a healthy appetite.

The facial expressions you make

All men observe your facial reactions as it tells much more about our feelings than we tend to express. He knows how to tell when you are upset or happy.

How you text

Texts may not express feelings, but the way you text him can either make or ruin his day. Even those little emojis plays a huge role in expressing your feelings.

When you worry

Men are aware what brings anxiety in your life. He will try protect you from those things. You may not even realise that he knows them all.

The way you manage money

Every man knows where and how to spend money. He will secretly check to see if you can be trusted with money. How often you put hands in your purse while you are hanging out together? Men tend to notice these little things a lot.


All woman are obsessed with her beauty and wear makeup to even enhance their looks. Men usually like makeup when it looks natural as he will always knows when it’s overdone. 

Your taste in music

Music you listen to depicts the type of person you are? He might have the same taste in music, if so it will create a stronger bond between the both of you.

Drink preference

Most drinks indicate how your day was or how your mood is. Many men observe your drink so they can order them when you are on a date or hanging out with them.

Your closest people

Men are aware of the people closest to you. Everyone has friends or relatives who are dear to them; you don’t want to lose them for any reason.

How you sleep

Guys find it cute when you make little sounds while sleeping once you don’t sound like a tractor. It’s a natural for people to snore when they have a long exhausting day.

Your favourite colour

It’s true that women often wear many colours depending which mood they feeling. Your man will notice what you wear and often dress to match. This shows that he cares!

Your nails.

Somehow, this is one idea that men find proof that women listen to them. if your man asks you to do something and you do it, you earn gold stars.

The way you smile

Most men, will say the most memorable thing about first meeting their girlfriends was their smile. That one small attribute on everyone’s face captures hearts.

Need Vs. Want

Men understand the shopping desires we speak about and amuse us by buying trinkets, bobs of gifts, flowers. Men understand the shopping desires we speak about and amuse us by buying trinkets, bobs of gifts, flowers.

Body Language

Men read the body language of their woman. Men learn the body language of their women and reciprocate when they see it. Body language can communicate a great deal without word, it takes someone very caring to read body language and respond appropriately.

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