15+ Pics That Tricked Our Eyes And Didn’t Even Apologize For It

If you are a fan of optical illusions then you will find the following images fascinating.

One might wonder how these pictures are actually captured at exactly the perfect moment.

We have compiled some of the best shots which shows how easy it is for our brains to trick us.

1. I heard they like to travel in packs.

At first glance it looks like a car full of bald heads, until you realise there’s only one person in the car.

2. Who Wants To Jump In.

Is this a portal….no it’s just an aerial view of the Chicago Bean.

3. “Never skip arm day.”

That’s not actually his arm…..right?

4. Fluffing Around

This pup was positioned perfectly inside the curl of another dog’s tail.

5. Minecraft…

6. Benjamin Button

The baby’s face lined up perfectly with the person.

7. Hey There

The cat is actually looking down through one of the stairs

8. Something’s missing…


9. Pie Cat

I almost thought this cat was see-through, but it just has a natural pie chart on its fur!

10. “Did your team win today?”

11. Prowlers.

This cat is actually peaking up over a cement step while the rest of its body is hidden.

12. Gone Fishing.

Blending in with nature, you wouldn’t expect a pair of denim shorts to give this effect.

13. Alien Invasion.

Although it appears to look like an alien invasion it’s actually the reflection of someone’s ceiling lights.

14. Giant Jump.

This player jumping to hit a shot looks so big. Almost makes her look like a giant?

15. Legs Eleven.

This little girl is actually fine, and just holding a bag of popcorn. Once you notice the bag, you can’t help but still see the skinny legs as well.

16. Jump.

You decide what’s going on here!

17. Is He Off His Head?

This guy is wearing a black hoodie, but looks like the collar of a headless man’s body while resting his head sideways against the window.

18. Hot Sand.

It looks like this girl is levitating, look closer and you will see she is actually kneeling.

19. Oh That’s Cheeky.

This man’s back-up dancers dropped real low seems he just ended up in the wrong position for a mid-concert photo.

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