30 Interesting Comparison Pics That Will Give You A Different Perspective

Perspective is something that gives all comparisons a slightly altered parameter, for example of location, age, or time.

We are often given a picture of something that’s supposed to look obvious, but without the wider view, it’s hard to know what’s actually going on.

We have compiled the following astonishing pictures of before and after  for a fascinatingly different look at things. Scroll down below to check these images yourself.

1. Elephant Foot vs. Human Foot

You wouldn’t look at an elephant’s loafers and think they have anything in common with our human feet, but it appears we are more alike than it seems.

2. Human Skeleton vs. Gorilla Skeleton

The human skeleton isn’t that different than that of our ape cousins.

3. 13 Years Old vs. 13 Years Old

These two friends are the same age, but their height difference is incredible.

4. Pluto vs. Australia

Pluto is barely as big as Australia, although it has more surface area, there are still asteroids bigger than it is.

5. Summer vs. Winter

This sign for the ski slopes makes it obvious just how much snow falls in the area.

6. Titanic vs. Modern Cruise Ship

The Titanic was massive, but only big “for its time.” Much bigger boats have been built since then.

7. First Gas Mask vs. Modern One

While the old school one has a vintage flavour I would choose the modern version.

8. Maine Coon vs. American Short Hair

Maine Coons are big cats, you can marvel at the true context seeing it lounging next to a classic tabby.

9. Real Dog vs. Embroidery

It actually took me a second to figure out where the transition between the two images. The piece is by the artist Stitching Sabbatical.

10. Crouzon Syndrome Reconstruction Before vs. After

Crouzon Syndrome is a disorder, bones of the skull fuse too early, preventing the skull from growing properly which causes facial deformities, but the results here are incredible.

11. Computer Storage Then vs. Now

In the first pic is a huge magnetic disk from a 10 megabyte hard drive in the 1970s. The second is a modern memory card that holds 1 terabyte.

12. World’s Smallest Computer vs. A Grain Of Rice

World’s smallest computer compared to a grain of rice, the 0.3mm device can detect changes in temperature in things as small as human cells, which is medical applications.

13. Summer vs. Fall

These pics were taken 11 weeks apart.

14. Velociraptor Skull vs. T-Rex Tooth

This is a good example of how our understanding of dinosaurs has changed in the last 25 years.

15. Tornado vs. Wind Turbine

Stand close to a wind turbine and you will how huge they are, this shows just how small they are in comparison to Mother Nature.

16. The Arctic Then vs. Now

One can clearly see how much of the glacier has disappeared in the last century.

17. Skinny Cats vs. Fat Cat

The photographer explained that they have two skinny cats and one that’s overweight. This is the result of them getting outside on fresh snow.

18. Human vs. Sequoia

These ancient trees are massive, when you can’t see them in person it’s hard to imagine.

19. I-10 East of Houston Before And After Harvey

This picture is worth a thousand platitudes.

20. B737 vs. A380

That little plane looks tiny in comparison to the massive one looming behind it.

21. Clean Water vs. Water Used To Clean A Mouse Pad

Keep your mouse pad clean!

22. Picard Then vs. Picard Now

Sir Patrick Stewart doesn’t age would you believe that the character of Jean-Luc Picard is actually older?

23. Human vs. Giant Eagle Statue

This sculpture can be found at the Jatayu Earth Center, India which depicts the eagle as it fell onto the mountain top during a fight with the Indian God Ravana.

24. Oil Painting vs. After 5 Months Of Practice

If you weren’t born with a talent, then paint, paint, and then paint some more.

25. Arrival vs. Departure

This is true for me with my two dogs.

26. Tanned Hand vs. Foot

A soldier took this photo after a day in the desert sun with heavy, sweaty combat boots.

27. The Santa Maria vs. The Ship Of Chinese Explorer Zheng He

Columbus made his famous voyage in the same era that Zheng He sailed but the difference in ship size is incredible.

28. Great White Shark vs. Ancient Megalodon

If you thought that cheesy movies were an exaggeration here’s your proof.

29. Wisdom Teeth vs. Baby Teeth

I’m glad that I never developed wisdom teeth, still have a couple of baby teeth.

30. Fresh Paint vs. Wear And Tear

Eight years is good for road paint although the speed limit is not as visible.

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