14 Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items That Are Totally Genius, #7 Is Mind Blowing

Sometimes ordinary things are worth looking at from a new angle. Check out these amazing ideas.

1 – The Guitar Wall Shelf is amazing!

2 – Mouthwash can help against toe fungus.

3 – A thread spool box.

4 – Use Tic-Tac boxes as storage containers.

5 – Empty Milk Cartons for book storage!

6 – Old lamp used for pictures and camera decoration.

7 – Kinder Egg Surprise for your earphones.

8 – A cereal container as a trash can

9 – A seat made from Belts.

10 – Freeze half bottle of water and mix with water! Perfect way to cool down

11 – Can tab for hanging picture frames.

12 – A breadbox for a charging station

13 – Tongs for squeezing juice from fruit!

14 – Awesome uses for deodorant

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