As this 14 year old babysat a 3 year old girl…What he did to her is gone beyond belief….

In a scene that reminds one of a horror movie, a 3 year old girl was lucky to escape the clutches of death. Raelyn Camp from GARRETT, Indiana was subject to a reenactment of a recent youtube video. A 14 year old boy and his friends put little Raelyn into a washing machine after seeing a disturbing video of a cat being placed inside on.

Raelyn who had been left in the care of the 14 year old(a long time family friend) had to be hospitalised after the incident. The boy had on previous occasions babysat for Missy Camp – Raelyn’s mother.

Missy who had gone to spend time with her family returned the next day to pick her daughter’s up, Raelyn (3) and her 5 year old. To her disbelief she found bruises all over her daughter Raelyn, the house was also in disarray. Her 5 year old then informed her that the 14 year old had invited 3 of his friends over while she was away. When she then informed her mother they had filled the washer with water and placed you Raelyn inside, Missy was filled with rage.

She immediately rushed her daughter to a hospital for a checkup and informed the local police of what had unfolded the previous day in her house.

When confronted about the incident the 14 year old claimed he had taken her to the park and she had fallen.

Police cannot prosecute the 14 year old as they have no hard evidence at this time. However, Missy’s sister Madison has taken to Facebook demanding justice for her niece using the hashtag #JusticeForRaelyn also claiming the boys were not being charged.

The police are currently investigating the case, but it is unfortunate it has been taken to Facebook stated the police chief Roland McPherson. Also stating that one juvenile had been detained over the incident with charges currently pending.

A Local County Prosecutor has stressed cancer over allegations and incorrect information that has been spreading throughout the Facebook community regarding the case.
The juveniles who are at the centre of this case have been exposed and named on Facebook which may be a breach of the juvenile code. Juvenile offenders identity must remain confidential.

#JusticeforRaelyn has gone viral on social media as support for the Raelyn reaches across the world.

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