13-yr-old builds own house for $1,500: Look when he opens door and reveals 89 sq ft masterpiece

Most young people today spend their time in front of computers or flicking through their phones. No one would associate building a house with any middle schoolers daily routine.
But 13-year-old Luke Thill from Dubuque, Iowa, is not your average run of the mill teenager.
Luke is a very talented and skilled young boy who has constructed his very own house – in the middle of his parents backyard.
Costing him a mere $1,500 to fully construct and finish, Luke is now living the high life in his very own miniature house.
Have a look for yourself and see what Luke done with the interior.

One can safely say Luke is far different to others in his age category. Technology has but taken over our societies today, with smartphones, i-Pads, Xbox, Playstation all being the norm for young teenagers. Luke decided to set about building his own house when he became bored during the Summer.
Building a house was not going to be an easy task for 13-year-old Luke, a lot of planning and researching had to be undertaken before he put his plan into action.

The Process

Money was the first obstacle he would encounter! Luke wasted no time and set about mowing lawns for neighbors, ran errands for whoever needed help and ran an online fundraising campaign to raise the funds he required.
Everyone must be wondering, how does a 13-year-old wire a house? Luke took to the old system of bartering, he cleaned out the garage of an electrician he was friendly with in exchange for his services.
Much of the materials the young boy used were recycled, many of which were unused items from his grandmother’s house and a door which was a gift to him from his uncle’s friend.

The house which is 89-square-foot, 10 feet long and 5 1/2 feet wide. So far it has electricity but no plumbing as of yet.
“I liked the minimalism,” he told The Des Moines Register. “And I wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.”
Luke have uploaded numerous videos to his Youtube channel where he lets his viewers see different projects to his viewers. Everyone is in awe of this young boy who has built his very own house.

As any loving parent would do, Luke’s Mom and Dad assisted him with his project, financially and were also great hands on help.
But his dad Greg made sure to instill responsibility and work ethos in his son. Luke still payed for the vast majority of the project and built the majority of it himself.
“It was a chance for a kid to do something more than play video games or sports,” Greg told The Des Moines Register. “It teaches life lessons.”

Teenager’s Dream

Most teenager’s might only dream of having their own house at such a young age. A place where they can throw their feet up and relax, watch TV, play games or hang out with some friend’s. Luke’s house has all this and more, a microwave and a loft with a bed. What more could you ask for?
For those hot summer days – there’s a BBQ out the back with a flower garden to set the scene.
Luke often uses the house to do his homework after school and sleeps there some nights during the week.

With plans already in place to start a new project when he starts college, Luke is looking towards building a bigger, better house. His goal is to help to inspire other people and teach them to follow their aspirations in life.
“I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age,” he says in one of his videos.
You can see Luke’s tour of his house in the video below.

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Luke’s story is an extraordinary case of what a youngster can accomplish with a clear objective, a solid work ethic and support from his family.
I am truly in awe with this young man’s home — I wouldn’t see any problems with having a comparable one in my own backyard!

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