7 Things That Only The COOLEST Grandmas Do

This grandma wanted to see the ocean for the last time before checking into a hospice, so her family took her, and the look on her face speaks volumes!

You make an effort to keep up with the times (even though you know things were so much simpler in your day!)

You’re a wonderful role model in showing your grandkids that you can never be too old to follow your dreams! This amazing granny graduated high school at the age of 73 when she could just as easily have said, “Forget it!”

You’re always surprising your grandkids with your skills and talents. This 84-year-old woman asked her grandkid for her first tablet. He installed an art program for her as requested and left her alone with her new toy for 30 minutes. This is what he came back to…

You’re a shining pearl of wisdom.

Animals instinctively trust you because of your naturally warm, loving nature…

You’ve got a fantastic sense of humor, and you don’t take yourself too seriously!

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