10 Powerful Stories Behind Celebs’ Tattoos That Made Us Admire Them Even More

Most people in real life have a tattoo, where they contain a special meaning for that person.

The tattoo fever is nothing new and it’s definitely a growing trend. Some celebrities have emotional images etched into their skin which have deep stories behind them.

We have compiled a list of 10 celebrity tattoos that hold great meaning for their owners, scroll down to take a look.

#1 Rihanna — a tribute to her grandmother

Rihanna’s tattoo right below her chest is an Egyptian goddess Isis, and it’s symbolic of her grandmother.

#2 Ariana Grande — Manchester Arena victims

Ariana got a tattoo near her ear a bee tattoo which symbolizes hard work in remembrance of the Manchester Arena bombing,

#3 Vanessa Hudgens — to cherish a sweet memory

A week before she gave birth a butterfly landed on her belly so she decided to car her “Vanessa” which means butterfly in Latin and tattooed a butterfly on her neck.

#4 Kevin Jonas — loves his wife

Kevin Jonas, got a tattoo on his hand to prove his love for his wife. He took the image got from his music video.

#5 Miley Cyrus — tattoos of her dogs

She has various tattoos, two of them are dedicated to her dogs Mary Jane and Emu.

#6 Halsey — for luck she doesn’t need

Halsey decorated her arm with an upside-down horseshoe which considered a bad omen and signified terrible luck. She believes it means hard work.

#7 Sam Smith — for equality

This English singer got an equal sign tattooed on his ring finger to highlight the rights of same-sex marriages.

#8 Grant Gustin — man’s best friend

Grant tattooed his dog Jett to carry with him everywhere he goes.

#9 Lea Michele — a memoir of Cory Montieth

As a display of affection Lea “5’’ was tattooed in her rib cage which was the number of Cory’s jersey in Glee.

#10 Joe Jonas remembers his lost pet.

Prior to Joe and Sophie’s marriage, Waldo was adopted. However Waldo was died due to a car accident about a week after their wedding. They decided to get a tattoo to remember him.

If you have tattoos post a picture of it in the comments to show us!

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