10 Obvious Signs Which Indicates Your Partner No Longer Loves You.

Not every love story lasts forever, especially since statistics prove most unions end up being divorced. Many couples fail to notice small details which signal your other half is feeling different towards you.

A large majority of couples tend to deny that the feelings no longer exist. Once you take notice of the signs it is important to work on those aspects.

In this article we have compiled 10 signs which allows you to recognise specific signs and determine if your partner still feels the same way about you.

1. Love and affection not expressed the same anymore.

Back in the good old days, your partner would always make it a point to make you feel loved and appreciated as much as possible. They would’ve jumped at any opportunity to put a smile on your face and make your heart feel warm.

2. Partner seems pre-occupied while out on a date.

It seems like our partner is thinking about other things when you’re together. Your partner seems physically present, but is actually emotionally unavailable to you.

3. Conversations between you have become stale and forced.

Your topic of conversations were natural but you start finding it difficult to discuss things as the natural flow has vanished and you finding yourself forcing small talk.

4. The other person blames you for everything little thing.

Another sign they may be falling out of love is when your partner begins to blame you for their mistakes or errors.

5. Lack of support from your partner.

Remember when you were their most important person. Once you no longer have support from each other during difficult times you need to recognise the sign.

6. Your partner constantly makes excuses to spend time away from you.

If your partner makes excuses to spend more hours at work or rather go out with friends than you chances are they have lost interested in spending time alone with you.

7. When it comes to planning your are no longer included.

In the beginning every plan was discussed together. But now you are no longer are part of the important people in their life when it comes to making plans.

8. Your partner no longer shows respect toward you.

When in love you respect your partner, once someone begins to show disrespect towards you then perhaps you should reconsider their true affection for you.

9. When you’re partner doesn’t give you an explanation.

The communication used to flow non stop but all of a sudden you are being shut out. It’s a clear sign you are no longer important and may want out.

10. Not Happy Anymore.

If you are unhappy in your current relationship then perhaps you weren’t meant to be. Your partner might treat you badly so that you can end things mutually and move on.

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