10 Babies Can’t Fit In Their Bed. But When The Camera Pans Right? HILARIOUS!

This is by far one of the cutest videos that you can come across in the Internet. At first, it may seem like the babies have not been provided with the appropriate sized bed, but in less than a minute, you realize that these babies are pretty well taken care of.

This group of puppies consisting of Rhodesian ridgeback are all looking to climb on top of the other, but unfortunately, two of them from the pile cannot seem to be joining the fun. However hard they try, the blue collared puppy just cannot get close to his brothers and sisters.

It is a fact that these puppies love being close to each other. When the camera pans to the right, it becomes evident that there is an entire bed for the puppies to sleep on. But these puppies simply love to touch each other way sleeping, hence they would much rather sleep in a large pile rather than to sleep in a place that has a lot of room to stretch and rest their legs.

This video does not show the little puppy getting back with his family; however, we do know that he has an option to sleep on the bed if he just wanted to do so. Maybe, there action would realize that just putting two medium size beds would not do the trick; she needs one big bed for the entire lot!

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