Years After Raising This Wild Gorilla He Introduces His Wife, Ignoring The Warnings, She Gets Far Too Close

When you introduce your wife to another man you should always be weary of his intentions!

Damian Aspinall felt the full wrath of this after he tried introducing his wife to two of his old friends!

He never expected them to steal his wife. After all they were both Gorillas.

Both the gorillas named Djalta and Ima were raised from babies until they were 12 years old and fully grown. They were then released back into the jungle. After 4 years Damian decided to meet them again in their own natural environment.

As gentlemen do, they always introduce their wife to their friends but Damian knew he would have to be very careful. After travelling through dangerous waters they finally arrived at their destination. The gorillas had grown fond of their new habitat and were not so keen on strangers coming to visit them.

After being left free in the jungle for years you might think that the 2 gorillas would become wild and may not have been too keen on giving Damian a warm welcome. Well you would be very surprised at what happened. They gave him a warm welcome with open arms and even became very close to his wife.

Victoria cautiously went towards one of the gorillas and they immediately began to have a very strong bond. There was lots of hugs and rubbing. Ima the gorilla stole her hat and began playing with it.
After a while the gorilla did not want her to leave. Every time she tried to move he would keep her wrapped up in his arms.

Ima and Djalta definitely gave their approval to Damians new wife. In fact I think they wanted to keep her.

You can watch the full encounter in the video below and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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