Woman surprises her husband with head-turning makeover and new short, sexy, blonde hair

Christopher Hopkins, also know as the ‘Makeover Guy’, is best known globally for his glam makeovers of women over forty who wish to visit his Minneapolis, MN salon for a fresher look.

Since 1990, Christopher Hopkins Salon has been involved in the beauty industry which is hidden inside the KSTP studios building where he was once an on-air personality.

In 2017, he opened an “appearance studio” which offers full hair and makeup for men and women wanting to change their look or appearance.

One of his recent clients was a woman named Mary. Saying she wanted to stop “looking so frumpy and old” and requested “a whole new look.” Mary certainly got the makeover of a lifetime.

Hopkins said that when she walked in, she originally requested just a haircut and some makeup tips. But admitted he wanted to achieve a bigger change. He chopped her hair into a bold pixie cut and gave her a beautiful brow shape and smoky eye to die for.

He said: “Mary came in for just a cut and makeup application. She was trying to grow out her grey but kept coloring the regrowth with a box color. The shorter I went the better it got, she just has that great head shape that can wear a real pixie cut. Brow shape made a huge difference as well as keeping the eye shadow very light for her deep set eyes.”


You won’t believe your eyes once you see the final result, which involved a lot of bleach to get a Marilyn Monroe platinum! For 20 years, Mary had been using the same boxed color on her hair she wanted to let her natural grey come out and feel a bit younger.

Mary was delighted with the results despite saying she wasn’t expecting something so drastic.

“I’m so excited. This is just awesome. This is the best.” Convinced that her new look would take just a little effort to replicate, she was confident she could pull it off every day.

It’s gonna be so easy; I can’t wait,” she exclaimed. Mary googled “makeover” to find the studio and onceshe saw all the amazing transformation videos he had posted online, she decided to give him a call.

Since he makeover is his anniversary gift since is excited for him to see her. However, she said he’s wanted her to get her hair cut short “forever.”

He loves me in short hair. And I just keep getting too lazy.” Thinking “no, short hair is too much work” and “you have to use too much product,” she put it off.Thinking it would be too much work to maintain, Mary wasn’t convinced until the day of her makeover that she could do it.

“I’m flabbergasted with the outcome. I’m very sorry I wasn’t here a long time ago, because I’d been looking frumpy for so long.” After 27 years of marriage,  her husband will be thrilled with her new look. “Now that I’ve done this part of me, I want to work on the rest of me,” she said.

Take a look at the video below to see her amazing transformation.

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