Woman’s Headache Turns Out To Be Spider Living In Ear

When Lekshmi L was rushed to hospital, she informed doctors she was suffering from severe headaches. A frightening discovery was made by specialists and her severe headaches were in fact being caused by a spider deep inside her ear.
For those of you who are squeamish of spiders of suffer from arachnophobia take heed, you are being forewarned. This article may well traumatize you!
Lekshmi, who had fallen asleep on her veranda, woke up to excruciating headaches that did not subside. She was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital in Karnataka, India. Doctors were perplexed at first as to the cause of the headaches, but after further inspection they found an eight legged creepy crawly burrowed deep inside her ear hole.

In the words of the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, “Crikey”.
Alot of thoughts are probably going through your head right now. “How could a spider get so deep into your ear?”. And perhaps if you were the doctor attending her, “this is not my skillset, perhaps you should call a pest control expert”. One thing is for sure, thank god it was not my ear the spider ended up in.
Prepare yourself for the moment the white spider begins to crawl out of her ear, you will get a cold shiver down your spine!
The Indian Express reported the initial incident stating that Dr Santosh Shivaswamy was the ENT Consultant who treated Lekshmi. The doctor told reporters it was not unusual in India to have people seeking medical attention for foreign objects in their ears. However Lekshmi’s misfortune was the first of its kind that they had encountered.
Speaking to reporters, Lekshimi said:
“I was terrified as I could feel movement of a creature in my ear. The acute ear ache followed by sharp pains suffocated me. I couldn’t think of anything and was petrified when the doctor confirmed presence of a spider in my ear.”

Who could blame the poor woman for having such a reaction to finding out theres a spider in your ear. I know if it was me i would be hear in the Antartic with screams of “Get it out, Get it out”!
I am not one to shy away from creepy crawlies, but a spider in my ear is way beyond my comfort zone. Finding one in the bath is enough to freak me out, I will run a mile.
Check out the video below to see what happens when an arachnophobe meets a spider. Please do not try this at home!

This man can be seen vastly overreacting when he tried to kill spiders living under his mobile home with a propane torch. I don’t know about you but putting a naked flame under your mobile home can only have one result. And that my friends is- your house going up in smoke!
Firefighters eventually got to the scene, stating that an elderly woman had to be carried out of the burning home by her son and neighbors.
Have you ever had any creepy run ins with spiders? If so, let us know your story in the comments section on facebook.
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