Woman pretends to order pizza, actually dials 911 to tell of domestic abuse

A woman called 911 and pretended to order a pizza to alert them of domestic abuse. This is based on a real phone call received by 911.

She starts the call off by saying ” I would like to order a pizza for delivery “. and the operator proceeds to tell her that she has called 911 and not a delivery service.

She proceeded to ask for pepperoni and ham but the operator seemed very confused by what was going on and said to her again ” Maam is there an emergency or not? ”

She then replied ” Yes ” and the operator caught on that she was trying to talk in code because she must of been in trouble.

You can watch the full video below:

Domestic violence is something that is happening everyday around the world to thousands of people. Please SHARE this video to help raise awareness about this situation. Do you think this woman was smart in what she done? Would you have thought of something this smart?

Also you should check out our other video below where a woman calls and has to whisper to the operator as she was abducted.

The call will send chills up your spine. Listen to it below:

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