Mother Never Thought iPhone Footage Would Be Made Public, Cops Take Immediate Action (video)

Parents have often had different views on spanking children. Some parents say that it will do them no harm but other parents say they would never lay a finger on their child. If you watch the video below you can witness a mother kicking her child.

She blames the child for losing her temper and claims that’s the reason she done it.

Since the video has went viral the mother has had 3 children taken from her and put into custody.

The footage captures just one time when the mother of three chose to get violent with her children. We do not know if this was a regular occurrence or something that really did only happen once. Based on the fact that it was caught on video, it is easy to suspect that this type of thing goes on regularly at the Argentina home.

Her little girl is only three years old but the child she is beat in the video is her eldest.

Police are still unsure as to who recorded the video. The video took place in a small city in Argentina according to sources.

While she is smacking to poor child you can hear her accuse him of ” Stealing ” the tablet and claims this is the reason she is beating him.

The mother’s rage continues to escalate as the video progresses. She shouts at the baby, demanding to know why the child does not remember where she puts things.

Mom said, “Why don’t you remember where you left the things?”

After the baby is unable to answer this question, mom shouts:

“Give me the tablet; you had it here over the table when I arrived here. Give it to me because I will kill you.”

As her mother threatens to kill her, the three-year-old cowers away from the violence abuse. She begins to cry and is visibly frightened. And her mother does not seem to care to rein back the abuse.

The mother also picks the baby up by her hair and kicks her in the back until she falls to the ground.

The video got posted to Facebook where it went viral first in Argentina and then around the globe.

When local authorities found the clip, social services stepped in to get the children away from the monster mother. Meanwhile, police are launching a criminal investigation to get to the bottom of the matter. And at the time of this writing, it is not clear if the mother has been charged with child abuse yet.

Take a moment to watch the horrific footage.

What do you think should happen to this mother of three?

SHARE this video world wide and get her face recognized so people know what kind of person she is.

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