Woman beaten by her spouse every time she got a ‘like’ on Facebook

A woman who was hit by her husband every time her pictures were liked on Facebook had to get reconstructive  surgery on her face.

Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza who is a 21 year old Uruguayan woman was trapped in their home and was being severely beaten by her 32 year old husband, police report.

After police had been alerted, Ms Ortigoza was so badly abused that her face and body were very badly disfigured and she would have to undergo surgery.

The woman’s lawyer said how her partner would become very angry and violent whenever someone liked a picture she posted of herself on Facebook ( Mainly Men )

He then began beating her anytime someone liked the photo as he became extremely jealous.

She stopped posting anything to Facebook and he took control of her page and began posting pictures of her. He would then continue beating her if someone liked the post.

Her Lawyer said how she would ” Dread a notification telling her that someone had liked or commented on her picture ”

Even her friends and family had no idea what was going on and didn’t realize what was happening each time they liked her photo.

Below is a photo of what she looked like after the beating. If you do not want to see it then we suggest you leave the article now.

Her facial injuries from the abuse were so extensive that she has needed surgery

An image showing the bruised on her arms.

He said the following: Her mouth was all broken, she was very damaged, her skin was hanging off because of the blows.

‘He controlled the victim’s social networking sites, he controlled the messages and photos, and for every ‘like’ she received from her friends, the woman received a beating because he accused her of having a relationship with them.’

She said ” He would put a cloth in my mouth when beating me. This is so people could not hear me scream. This is the only reason I still have my teeth.”

It was the man’s father who eventually reported him to the police after he feared the woman would end up dying from the beatings she was getting ( According to news reports. )

She was so beaten that she could not recoginse herself at times even when she was shorn photos.

She had to get operations on her face which included an operation for a nasal sepem and lip surgery.

Galeano was given a 30 year prison sentence after he was charged with attempted femicide, deprivation of liberty and coercion.


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