Wife Tells Husband She’s Pregnant at His Funeral – Weeks Later, Doctor Tells Her Unbearable News

In February 2016 Courtney Hill lost her husband in a tragic accident. Brian who had served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait . She met the retired Navy Veteran during a snowstorm in Illinois in 2011, and was smitten with him from that moment on.

Together they had raised a beautiful daughter name Reagan. Prior to Brian’s untimely death they had discussed building their family. The morning of Brian’s death, Courtney had taken a pregnancy test but it returned a negative result to the couples dismay.

A few days later Courtney took another test in the hope there may be some divine intervention. To her utter shock the result returned positive, she was over the moon. However 25 weeks into her pregnancy the doctor had some heartbreaking news for her. Here’s her story.

Courtney was in shock when she discovered she was pregnant, she took a moment at the funeral to tell Brian she was pregnant.

Courtney began to experience unusual pain a month into her pregnancy, she feared for the worst.

In the hospital she discovered she was to have triplets.

Courtney was over the moon when she got the news, “My jaw dropped” I will have three more smiles that remind me of him.

Tragedy struck again when Courtney received news that she had lost one of the triplets 25 weeks into the pregnancy.

Courtney had already decided on names for her triplets. She named the son she lost Brady. She was shocked, confused, and above all devastated.

Courtney was heartbroken she had lost one of her triplets, it had brought back the pain she had felt when Brian passed away.

“Getting the news at the ultrasound shocked me, it brought back memories of brian. “

“I lost Brady but I was given two newborn babies who are healthy. Courtney left the hospital with her two newborns the very day after giving birth. Normally triplets will spend weeks in intensive care. She said “we have suffered but we have also been blessed with two little miracles.”

Harper and Miles were born on the 21st of September. Many people pass comment to Courtney that they are beautiful twins, she has a hard time explaining to people they are triplets.

“I call them surviving Triplets when people ask me how are they triplets.”

Courtney explains how it hurts,” I carried around 3 heartbeats for 26 weeks. I know in my heart they are triplets.”

Reagan often helps explain my story. “She’ll often tell them, ‘My brother Brady is in Heaven with my daddy.’ Usually that’s when people get it. I don’t want Brady to go unrecognized.”

“He will always be my little boy. To call them surviving triplets makes me happy because I know he gets credit he deserves.”

Although Courtney and her family had a heartbreaking year, Courtney tries to remain positive and honor the memory of her late husband.

“They will all know about their dad,” Courtney said. “From military, to family man…he was the true hero. He was an amazing man, always willing to help others. He was just an amazing father and husband. He was perfect.”

What are your thoughts on Courtney’s amazing story of heartbreak and joy? Leave us your comments and views.

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