Toddler steals Prince Harry’s popcorn – when he finally notices, his reaction says it all

While attending A volleyball match recently, Prince Harry was caught off guard by a naughty little thief.
A young girl named Emily who was seated only yards away from the Prince – decided to help herself to snatching a handful of popcorn unknown Harry.
Watch as the hilarious scenes unfold below!
Harry had been attending the Invictus Games in Toronto when the sprightly little thief made her move. Seated next to the Prince, the little girl Emily Henson, daughter of former contestant David Henson took full advantage of the opportunity at hand.
Emily must be a big fan of popcorn because she snatched as much of the prince’s popcorn every time his attention turned elsewhere.
Not to be outdone so easily, Harry realises what the little gir has been up to. Emily get’s quite a surprise when out of nowhere the prince pulls a sudden move.
You need to watch this cute clip of this brassy little thief and the prince. Watch below.

Prince Harry was not taken aback by the little thieves antics, in fact he invited her to some more of his delicious popcorn. He also shows us what a gentleman and great individual he is by playing his own pranks on little Emily and making funny facial expressions with her.
You cannot put this in words – one would never expect such tomfoolery from a prince.


What an amazing cheeky and cute little girl, she is just adorable.
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