Tiny Girl Shuts Her Eyes To Sing Favorite Christmas Song, Brings Tears To All Within 1st Note

Every once in a while a young talent comes along and blows everyone away with their amazing voice. Claire Ryan is one such talent and she has captured the hearts of numerous fans worldwide.

Claire, who is only four years old is a little star in the making. Especially when she sings with her dad, her talent really shines through. Her special love of music is all down to her dad. Ever since he started singing to Claire with his guitar, she has developed a deep love for all aspects of music.

Not only has she developed a talent for music, her skills are unmatched by most children her age. Claire simply loves performing and has a natural talent for music.

With Christmas time almost upon us, Claire was more than happy to share a very important message of Christmas, and i have no doubt it will bring a tear to eyes of anyone who listens.

The way this little girl sings “Silent Night” is simply angelic. Claire sings the Christmas hymn with innocence and charm, much to the love of everyone that holds this song in their hearts.

People who have listened to Claire sing this hymn can see what a special talent she is and have a new appreciation for “Silent night”. Claire loves to sing and share her music with people from around the world. Since releasing her rendition of the Christmas hymn her fame has skyrocketed on the internet. Not only has she gained attention through her original online videos, but she also made a guest appearance on The Ellen Show.

There is no doubt that her family are extremely proud of their daughters rise to fame, but they remain very humble. They describe Claire as, “Just a four-year-old little girl who loves to sing and make music with her dad.”

One thing is for sure, that is most definitely the truth! It is quiet astonishing how simply singing with her dad can develop into such an amazing talent to share with the world.

Watch the video of Claire below to see how she showcases her amazing singing talent below.

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