Surgeon See’s On X-Ray The Reason Behind Woman’s Pain, Then Remove Alien From Her Body

When it comes down to being sick its always hard to point out what exactly is wrong with you. With all the online technology these days people tend to self diagnose themselves without actually getting checked out by a professional. This can have terrible effects on your health if you turn out to be wrong in your diagnosis.

Jaime Neilsen-Lockhart had to find out the hard way. She had felt sick for quite some time and she was always bloated. At 41 years of age she knew there was something wrong.

She thought that she was entering the early stages of menopause. She thought her stomach pains felt like menstrual cramps and she had been getting sick almost all of the time. After a while she noticed weird looking bruises on her stomach area.

Her symptoms then got worse and she felt like she had a large mass inside her stomach. She was so weak that she was barely able to stand.

She said: “At its biggest, the mass was so heavy it felt like I was pregnant,” Jaime said. “I was in pain when standing and had to hold my stomach with two hands whenever I moved. I put it down to every other explanation rather than going to the doctors, until one day, when I felt something in my stomach drop. It was very weird. I knew something was wrong.”

She was not fair around and soon she received the news and it revealed that she had an ovarian cyst.

She recalls: “When I was told I had cancer, I could barely believe it. It didn’t sink in until I bawled my eyes out for an hour,” she recalled.

Luckily the doctor’s discovered it at the right time and they were actually able to remove the cyst without having to have a hysterectomy. She can now say that she is cancer free.

“After it was removed, the tumor looked like a giant, alien lump — and was the weirdest looking thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. “I couldn’t believe that thing was growing inside of me. I let it go on for so long and should have had gone to the doctors sooner.”

She had learnt that the mess had grown almost 20 times bigger. She believes that it was a miracle that helped save her life and she didn’t even have to undergo chemotherapy or other treatment.

“It looked like an alien when it was removed,” said Jaime, of the enormous cyst. “I couldn’t believe that thing was growing inside of me. I feel so lucky to still be here.”“When I was told I was cancer-free, I went numb. I couldn’t believe it and started crying. It didn’t seem real that it was finally over,” she said.

Watch the full video below:

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