Strange dog wants police to follow him to his house – one look at the balcony and he immediately calls 911

On a cold wintry morning in Wisconsin, police officer Jeff Gonzalez happened upon a distressed black labrador on the street.

The dog appeared to be in dismay as it ran up and down all of the neighborhood streets. Gonzalez could tell that the dog was not a stray and saw that it was very concerned about something. As the office drew closer to the dog, he frantically started jumping around and then sprinted at full speed up the street.

The Officer knew something was amiss and his gut instinct told him to follow the dog.

And as it turned the officer made the right decision, he had read the dogs erratic behavior correctly.

He was drawn to the front of a house by the dog, and it appeared that this was where the dog lived.

Still unsure, he surveyed the house and spotted a woman unconscious on the balcony. She was still in her pajamas laying lifeless on a chair. As he approached the woman he noticed her lips were blue from the cold, his initial thought was that she was dead.

But she was not dead.

Swift reaction

Office Gonzalez acted quickly and moved the woman indoor to warm her up as he radioed for an ambulance. He would later find out that the woman’s name was Krystal, and the do who’s name is, John Boy, did in fact belong to her. John Boy was clearly worried for the well being of his owner, and almost instinctively knew that the police officer was the right person to approach for help.

The quick thinking of both John Boy and Jeff that day saved Krystal’s life. She fully recovered in the hospital.

In the video below you can hear more about what really happened that from Krystal. And also, in the clip, both real-life heroes John Boy and Jeff are reunited!

Dogs really are our best friends! Would your dog do this for you?

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