Eight Year Old Boy Has Spiders Put In His Mouth By His Father As Punishment For Being Naughty, Then He’s Made To Watch Terrifying Horror Movies

Shocking details have emerged of an 8 year old boy having spiders placed in to his mouth as a cruel punishment for being naughty. The horrific abuse was carried out by the boys father who is accused of carrying out a series of terrible assaults on the defenceless child.

further abuse by the boys father included him returning drunk from a bar and pretending to fall unconscious in a bizzare tactic meant to scare the terrified child.

The sadistic father also stands accused of deliberately making his children sit through terrifying Horror Movies including the adult scary movie “The Ring” in a bid to scare them which resulted in two of the children suffering nightmares and being unable to sleep alone at night.

The horrific abuse only came to light after the child confided in a teacher at his school and the matter was immediately reported to the police and the father arrested and charged.

The man admitted the charges and was sentenced to 12 months in prison for each of the charges but in a shocking development the prison sentence was suspended and the man walked free in a move that has seen a public outcry for justice.

Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page if you feel the sentence was just or the father should have received a harsher sentence.



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