Southwest Agent Says Next Person In Line Has To Sing, Then Random Guy Grabs The Intercom.

Planes are the best creations. The way that we can traverse the country– even the world– in just issues of hours is pretty darn astonishing.

In any case, while we’re all appreciative we don’t need to go by horse-drawn carriage any longer, there’s one thing about flying that straight-up stinks: sticking around at the entryway.

Don’t you loathe it when your flight is postponed and you don’t know whether you have sufficient energy to raced to Cinnabon or not? Lounging around doing nothing is a drag, however it generally appears to happen that exactly when you leave, they abruptly load up.

“So our gate at Nola Southwest required everyone who asked a question to sing,” wrote traveler Mike Vadala in the caption of the Facebook video below. It’s likely the gate agents were trying to pare down the line, but there was one passenger who wasn’t a bit scared off by the demand. “This guy went off,” said Mike.

The person in the video sounds like he’s simply wrapping up an interpretation of “Wonderwall” when the account begins, rapidly propelling him into a crazy “No Diggity” song. By around 50 seconds in, he has the whole place chiming along!

He finishes then with an epic ” Mic Drop “

Watch the full video below!

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