Skin Tags: What They Are and How to Get Rid of Them In Minutes

If you have ever noticed small little tags of skin on your body that are painless and they are making you worry then let me tell you what they are!

They are skin tags. They are nothing to worry about other than that they can be annoying and you always end up trying to pick them. They are not a cause for concern. However most people don’t like them on their skin and always want to get rid of them. We have everything you need to know about skin tags and how to get rid of them in the below article.

You might ask yourself questions like what are skin tags? Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths that hang off the skin and look a bit like warts. They’re very common, harmless, and can vary in colour and size – from a few millimetres up to 5cm (about 2 inches) wide.

Skin tags are actually benign tumors, but don’t let the word “tumor” scare you – they’re usually completely harmless.

Skin tags are usually found on the neck, armpits, around the groin, or under the breasts.

Skin tags are probably the single most common bump on adult skin. Skin tags are harmless but can be annoying. Skin tags tend to occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds, and under breasts. A person may have anywhere from one to hundreds of skin tags

So you are probably wondering how to get rid of skin tags? Well there are a number of ways to get rid of them. You could have your doctor cut off your skin tag or your doctor could freeze it off. Also with this method, called ligation, your doctor will apply a small band to the base of the tag. This will cut off the blood supply to the upper portion of the tag and cause it to die and fall off your skin. The process can take up to a few days and, depending on the size and location of the tag, may be a bit more painful.

Tea Tree Oil:Wash and dry the tag thoroughly. Then apply 1-3 drops of tea tree oil to the skin tag with a cotton swab. Do this 3 times a dry until the tag darkens and eventually falls off.

You can watch some skin tag removal in the below video ( Not for the squeamish )

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