Should Parents Use Muzzles To Keep Their Babies Quiet In Public?

There is an old saying that “Silence is golden”, or perhaps the other “Children should be seen and not heard”. Young children, especially infants can be very very noisy. In fact most parent will be become concerned if their baby becomes overly quiet as something may not be right. We all know stubborn people that hate nothing more than constant noise that drives them bonkers. And so comes about the topic of muzzling toddlers mouths to keep them quiet! Is it acceptable for parents to buffer out the constant noise their baby makes? Keep reading this article to see if silencing your toddler is or is not a good idea.

Before we begin, ask yourself what side you are with? Quiet baby with muzzle or loud baby full of noises. Let us know in the facebook comments section when you finish reading!

Noise pollution: Described as disturbing noise with harmful impact on the activity of human or animal life. And this very noise can be easily recognised in a house with infants as we all well know.

Should we shut them up? Having young babies can very difficult most of the time, especially when the constant crying erupts. Some may find it similar to a very uncomfortable plane flight or to visiting a cinema bustling with infants all eager to watch peppa pig. If there was a way to keep them quiet, do you think people would welcome such an idea? Could muffling the constant cry of a baby be the life saving gift every parent needs?

The Baby Muzzle: Would you believe that such a product already exists in Japan? YES! The Japanese have developed a product called none other than “The Baby Muzzle”, a product designed for one reason and one reason only – to muffle the cries of newborns all the way up to 3 years of age. But is this product a long term solution or a bigger problem?

Muzzling the problem: The Baby Muzzle does as the name suggests, it reduces the noise emitted by a crying baby pretty much in the same manner noise reducing headphones work. Parents will no longer have to try and hush a crying baby. The Baby Muzzle will do it for them.

The baby mask: Ok! So it might seem like a good idea and an easy fix to stop the constant cries of a baby. But crying is in fact an essential indicator for the health of a baby. As adults we use communication to let people know how we are, what we want or if we need something. Babies utilize their cries in the same manner, they let their parents know if they are hungry, tired or unwell. So being able to hear a baby cry is very important.

Hungry?Why Wait?: Everyone knows that when you are hungry you want to satisfy your tummies moans. People who are hungry often become grumpy and moody until they get food in their bellies, and babies are no different. Babies cannot communicate with words so the obvious thing for them to do is cry. Much like the young birds in a nest who constantly chirp until they are given a meal by their parents. Babies will cry until their hunger is sufficed. Turning a blind eye to them is to deny them the sustenance they require to flourish.
7th May 1956: Screaming twin baby girls holding a box of Farley’s rusks in their pram at Bloomsbury, London. (Photo by Fred Morley/Fox Photos/Getty Images)
Tired Cry: When people are tired they become irritated very easily. This is a trait they learn from childhood, as do all babies. It is for this very reason a baby will cry when they need a nap, it is their way of communicating with their parents that they need sleep. Once again this is another trait we should not deny them of by trying to muzzle them.

Defending the muzzle: Creators of The Baby Muzzle try to reassure parents that their product will not completely mute the sound the baby makes. It will reduce the sound considerably and parents will still hear their child.

Breathe easy parents: Any inanimate object that cover ones face brings a certain fear factor of breathing issues, never mind a product that has a sole purpose to keep a child quiet. The Baby Muzzle does allow a child to breathe easily, it does not cover the nose and has breathing holes in the fabric to allow air in and out of a baby’s lungs.

Baby Bane: Do you remember the Batman villain called Bane? Well this is what your baby will look like if you want to invest in a baby muzzle. And guess what? Halloween costumes have now become a thing of the past as your baby will now have it’s very own Bane mask.

Shushing them up: Trying to muzzle a baby and keep them quiet is not a great way to help a child develop. Infants use their cries as a way to communicate and vocalize how they feel. By muzzling a baby you are telling it that vocalizing its feeling is not acceptable. Telling them to hush and be quiet or to settle down is one thing, but to muzzle them is a different kettle of fish.

Colic: This is a severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies. Extensive crying by babies often indicates such problems. Trying to muffle this crying will not help and may endanger a baby’s life. When a baby cries continuously for extended periods of time, a pediatrician should be consulted. Muzzling a baby is not the solution and may endanger them.

Body alarm: Babies like adults have their own alarms. An adult when faced with different situations will use different tones, anger is expressed with a raising of the voice. Babies use cries as a means to communicate and inform you of how they are feeling. So if they are tired, hungry, ill or just seeking some TLC time they will let their mom or dad know by different types of crying. Essentially babies need to be able to cry and you need to be able to hear them.

Baby talk: Crying should be viewed as a vital part of a baby’s development and as nature created them. If you ever go down to the woods and see momma bear muzzling her cubs to stop them cooing and grunting at her then invest in The Baby Muzzle. But until that day use your parenting instincts and listen to your child communicate with you.

Learn together: You will learn all aspects of your baby’s crying by listening to them. Soon you will have it down to a tee and know which each cry means. Knowing when they are hungry, tired or unwell. And if all fails perhaps it just some TLC they need with some hugs and cuddles.


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